When will the lockdown be over?

I’ve just read an article that states we could (and should) be on lock down until at least June :open_mouth:

When does everyone else think this will be over and what is the first thing you’ll do?

It depends really, how much we slow the internal spread of the virus, personally I think the worst is yet to come

You can predict anything with 100% certainty, except the future.

But I really miss the pub and cinema, so as soon as I feel it’s safe to do so, that’s my destination of choice.


I miss the pub too and my pool team :8ball:

With the warmer weather coming I think I’ll have a massive BBQ with all my friends and family :hamburger: :cut_of_meat: :beer:


This is possibly a reasonable prediction, though hopefully it’ll be shorter. Tbh, I think the looser the government keeps this lockdown, the longer it will last.


From what understand one of three things would need to happen:
We’d need to find an effective way to treat the illness
That means the virus can be allowed to spread but whenever someone catches it the drugs are there to stop them needing intensive care. If we find that existing drugs are are good at this then this won’t be too far off.

We’d need to become good at preventing it
Basically a vaccine, but in reality that’s over a year away.

We’d need to be good at containing it
Widespread testing, contact tracing etc. so that any cases are stamped out before becoming a widespread problem. Probably still restrictions on large events though. You’d also need a long lockdown beforehand to reduce the number of cases there are to start with.

Are there any other options that would see lockdown lifted? Personally I’m hopeful they’ll be able to find existing drugs to treat it ahead of a vaccine coming next year.

Just a sidenote: herd immunity imo is a stupid idea. You’d need thousands of people to fall sick, fall into hospital and potentially die for that to work.

Don’t expect it to end next week. Or next month. In fact, prepare for it to get stricter. It is too loose at the moment.


This is what every country should be aiming for. A relatively long initial lockdown, then ‘test test test’ any further outbreaks and possibly lock down again if needed. Although lockdown will be lifted, social distancing will still be in place.

Vaccines are at least a year off, so lockdown can’t last that long!

It’s actually a very good idea if it’s achieved with a vaccine. It’s potentially genocidal if attempted with a live pandemic. IMO.


It depends how long idiots keep ignoring the government advice. The vast majority of sensible people are following advice but there are still pockets of idiots who just don’t care.

I’ve read a few things about there being a number of waves and wave 2 likely to come next winter.

I’m looking forward to seeing my other half. We live apart so are following the advice and not seeing each other.


What’s the evidence cited that suggests this?

I read it in the below article :slight_smile:

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If at home testing becomes so commonplace, that people can test themselves every morning before leaving the house, that should basically do it until a vaccine is around.

You’d need 70 million tests daily for the UK alone. That’s not feasible.


Nice - where are you based? I play in the Battersea and Waterloo leagues

After being sectioned for 4 years the last thing I want is a Lockdown. But if I got through that then I can get through a Lockdown

I don’t expect it to be over soon but we can all do our bit by staying in :+1:t3:



You wouldn’t be testing everyone, every single day!

In theory, as long as coronavirus is like other viruses, once you catch it you’ll have some natural resistance to it (not immunity). So therefore we’d keep testing people, once we can confirm they’ve had the virus and are likely not to get it again, we wouldn’t need to test them again until they had symptoms.

Therefore once these people had been tested once, we’d not be likely to test them again for some time if at all and the numbers being tested would slowly come down over time.

No clue

My mental health is awful at the moment.
While I have no friends and like living without friends my mom is unbareable at home. (Going to greggs was my depression cure or getting coffee and drinking it in a park in town)

Volentry 50/60 hour weeks at my job as a key worker is how I cope so I’m out all the time.

I drink once a week so I don’t let myself use it to help.

Honestly at 18 I just feel like the world is imploding.
Paranoid about getting harassed by the police in the way to work and then worrying about the way home all day at work.

It’s legit gonna take it’s toll on people like me.
(I’m in the UK but use US spellings due to the massive amount of my spare time being spent in chatrooms with non brits)

Working 50/60 hour weeks will do that to anyone :confused:

You need to find a hobby or take this opportunity to learn something new (plenty of free courses online) which will take your mind of things and will allow you to go into your own little world of concentration.

Depending on what you choose could open all sorts of other avenues too.