Reading and Leeds Festival 2021

What’s peoples thoughts, will it go ahead? What hurdles do the organisers have to get over etc? Will insurers and councils even approve it going ahead?

I carried over my ticket from 2020 so to say I’m excited is an understatement, even if it gets cancelled this year I can just roll it over again to 2022, so I will be gutted but this last week has had me and our group all so excited and given us that boost we’ve needed for sure.

No one can say with any certainty, who knows if a mutation turns up that requires things like this to stop again.

They’ve said it will, so my guess is that if the government allows outdoor music festivals in August, it will go ahead.

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In many ways I think big festivals, prides etc should remain paused until 2022 when we should all have had our jab (and be connected to the Bill Gates network via 5G).

The thing it does at least give help for is all the self employed technical staff in the background finally getting back to their jobs and earning money. A big swathe of them haven’t been eligible for any type of financial support from any schemes at all.

They’ll be glad to get back to the job they love at long last

Everyone is due to have been offered it by the end of July, for those who don’t/can’t take it there are talks of them having to pay for a test kit and do it at home infront of a doctor or medical personnel via a video call in which they will then send you a health passport to show on the gate.

Definitely! Also will bring a huge boost to Reading and Leeds respectively, was estimated to be about £30m it brought to Reading in 2019!