Restriction easing wishlist

Expectations and reality aside, if you could wish for 3 aspects for lockdown to be eased, what do you think they would be?

I’ll go first:

  1. Being able to visit my mum and dad
  2. Playgrounds reopen
  3. My 2 year old able to play with kids of the same age
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Family visits allowable in small numbers.

Exercise outdoors more than once a day, but I doubt playgrounds will reopen due to continued social distancing.

Perhaps certain businesses can reopen.

Reality aside?

Village makeshift football field reopen - my son has missed that.
Pub for a nice pint of real ale.
Local Chinese open so nice takeaway can be had.


Long way off but want to go back to volunteering at a charity shop
And be able to see family members who are isolating

I adore the speciality coffee industry in London and I’m increasingly worried how many of the wonderful independent shops we have are going to be reopening once this has passed.

So, reality aside, I’d love to see them able to open and trade in a viable fashion.

  1. Greggs
  2. Being able to take trips into town just to walk around to ease depression (done)
    Pretty much it, i’m a very anti social person

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