Covid restrictions easing off

Hi all, we are all aware the covid restrictions are starting to be eased. Yet today in my local cumunity people are acting like the is no lockdow at all its absolutely crazy out.

Please stay safe out there !

Fake news. From a time when everyone knew nothing about Covid, and before anyone could do any actual scientific research.

The truth:

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Don’t tell people that, or else we’ll be stuck with cash for even longer :rofl:

Bless him, ol’ Kev was clutching at straws with his link to Monzo too :rofl:

Oh what innocent times those were…

I mean if people want to go out and do that so be it. I’m not fussed either way.

People will do what people want to do, human nature after all.

This morning my wife said ‘I just heard they ended lockdown!’.

She gets most of her news from online friends and facebook… and that’s what they were saying. I took the time to explain the stages as best I could.

I do wonder how widespread the belief lockdown is over actually is… Following the news seems to be a minority thing these days.

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I had my first riding lesson in 4 months today and loved it!

We are still locked down. I think you can play golf and have a couple of people in the garden

I do find it annoying that people are inconsiderate. I live in a popular area for tourists and it was my understanding that holidays were out till later this month.

However the area has been flooded with motor homes and caravans.

As it’s rural the covid level is lower, except when tourists descend. The same thing happened last year, during the summer.

So I’m hoping it won’t turn the place from barely registering to a hot spot, which happened last summer.

Looks like you too need to read the rules. The ‘Stay At Home’ rule is no longer in force in England, and the government website specifically states you may meet friends and family on beaches (and others places).

There have been zero recorded cases of Covid-19 caught on a beach anywhere in the world, by the way.


It doesn’t say stay away from home though , you are not allowed to do that yet, but people are

Oh and I don’t live near a beach, that’s your assumption

Same link also says no unnecessary travel

But it’s how do you police that and ensure its all legit

Yes the government guidance says to not travel unnecessarily, but as @j06 says the Stay At Home requirement has now been removed from the relevant law. The police can only enforce the law, which places no additional COVID-related restrictions on movement in England.

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Worth bearing in mind that that any listed restriction which uses the word ‘should’ is guidance and not set down in law.

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Like they did last time, with stopping people. They set up temporary road blocks and sent people home.

The police know the camp sites, if you see lots of caravans and mobile homes, then you send them back.

Exactly, I did actually mean to point that out but got distracted by the TV and that was the post over with :sweat_smile:

As you say should is just guidance an that’s that. Next time I need to double check I’ve put everything down before hitting reply.

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Yeah, I was using a beach as an example, and because cramming onto a beach, despite the media screaming about it, isn’t actually risky at all.

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I still find it funny the divide between key workers and the general population when it comes to this.

Like none of us at work honestly care and it’s been pretty much the same all the way through the corona thing.

I’m guessing it maybe the bubble i’m in at work (I know about half and half on people when it comes to the vaccine) I’m not going to state my posotion as I belive make your own choice based on your own convictions. (Food wahrehouse)

If I can say one thing about this whole thing is its super changed how I see the goverment and a large amount of the population.

Pints on 12th anyone?