When will Monzo support Apple Pay?


Yes. He spent millions on the last available tin and his friends all spat it out :wink:


Hmm, anchovies and pineapple anyone?

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Flagging for bullying :eyes:


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Sounds like the kind of pizza that Lisa would order in The Room

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I love anchovies - how can you make caesar salad without them?


The original Cardini’s Caesar salad did not include any Anchovies in it, but his brother made a similar salad with them in called Aviator’s Salad which is similar to a Caeser Salad but with Anchovies in.


Couldn’t find a picture of Lisa having pizza, but Ned Flanders came to mind :wink:


Which proved so popular it replaced the original recipe


There are all sorts of recipes now. I was offered Caeser Salad with melted cheese on…but declined.

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Without using Google, what’s in a Salad Nicoise? You seem to know your salads.

I repeat - no Google/Bing or any other search engine or search functions of any kind, including Wikipedia’s internal search function.

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It is traditionally made of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, anchovies, and dressed with olive oil. I guess it was the anchovies that made you think of that one?

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You cheat.

Can we get back on topic please folks. Honestly.

Is Apple Pay here?

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No but Google Pay

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I like how this is the only thread aloud to go completely off topic now just to try and contain the Apple Pay crowd :joy:

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True story lol

Stay on topic


I didn’t use Bing, Yandex or Google…I used Wikipedia, that’s not a search engine :wink:


Apple pay is only going to be available internally because Monzo are pissed off at everyone asking about it :wink:

Note: I no longer own an iPhone, so I couldn’t give two madoobies about Apple pay anymore…

Note: Madooby is a made-up word that I use regularly for no apparent reason. Don’t ask.