Does anyone else still carry around an alternative card?

I still consciously carry around an alternative payment method everywhere I go. And not so I have access to other funds, but from a reliability point of view. If I was paying with a traditional banking card, I wouldn’t feel the need carry a backup.

I’m interested to hear whether other people do the same?
Do I need to be more trustworthy :blush:?

I don’t. (#FullMonzo)

It might also be relevant compared with some other people in this forum I’m not someone who has always had multiple accounts and cards, before the Monzoian era I had a Barclays account only, and would just carry that card around. I still have that account now to service mortgage stuff, but don’t carry the card or use the account in any other way.


I still carry my Monzo card as a backup for my Visa credit card.

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I still carry a wallet with about half my cards in and leave the other wallet with half my cards in at home (that way I will never lose the lot)


I always have at least two cards with me (+ Google Pay). I ensure my cards are on different networks, too, to ensure I don’t get caught up if Visa or Mastercard fails.

In practice I carry my Curve card and my AmEx every day. My wallet (which I don’t take unless I purposefully “go shopping”) contains my Barclays debit and my NatWest credit card as fallbacks.

When I travel I take my Halifax Clarity and my Starling card (with a few others as emergency backups).

And I have a stack of about 15 :scream: further cards at home for all my other accounts - Monzo among them.

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It is always best practice to carry a spare card.

Monzo is my main bank but I do have a spare bank account with a Visa card.

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I do, but I always carried a couple of cards. Plus I have a couple of credit cards on Apple Pay (alongside Monzo). I’ve used one of my cards a few times when it’s been for bigger amounts and I’ve not had time to check my balance will cover it.

I carry my Amex, Lloyds Visa & Monzo Mastercard with me. Also have each of these on Apple Pay.

I’m full Monzo so I either put the purchase on that or my Amex depending what I’m buying.
I wouldn’t say I trust any of them to be more reliable than the other. It’s more a what if scenario. A perfect example is what happened to Visa last week. I’d have been fine as I could just pull out another card and done a bank transfer to the other card.
I never use the Lloyds card unless one of the other two aren’t being accepted. I also use it as a means of paying in cash and cheques at the moment then transfer to Monzo.

I also find I have a nice spread with each card being on a different payment network.


I carry around my Monzo card, Santander Visa card, and an international credit card (Mastercard). When I close my Santander account I’ll probably carry another Visa card with me.


I always have 2 debits and 1 credit, and always have before I used Monzo- you never know!

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I have three and I can’t see how I can go lower:
1: Monzo - the coral-est and best
2: Oyster - I have an annual pass but would love to lose it
3: Curve card - for airmiles, and until I get rid of legacy joint account

Would love to get down to one beautiful super hot coral card.

Whilst I do have a Child & Co. Visa card, I don’t tend to take the card out with me as this is still my main account and I don’t want to spend on it.

The two cards I take out are the Monzo Mastercard - for everyday spending - and a Coop basic account Visa. I recently opened the Coop card because, as a basic account, it has hardly any fees, its one of the few basic account that works with Apple Pay (a plan before Monzo released Apple Pay) and I can use it to deposit money with the card at the Post Office without any fees. It’s just a shame their app is horrendous.



It is indeed! And their cards are also terrible, aren’t they? At least the one I have almost feels fake. Is that the same for you?

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I have a Smile Credit Card, from when I used to have a current account with them, so I’m used to Co-ops card quality. The app has no excuses. It has all the bells and whistles of an app made in 2008. I guess the app development team was the first they cut when they almost went bankrupt.

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I only carry Monzo in terms of bank accounts, but put all spending on credit cards, so it only gets used for cash unless a credit card fails. Saying that, in the last week, I have started using Monzo for TfL, because I noticed the charges are always different, and I’m hoping Monzo will make it easier to work out why.


I’ve always carried more than one card, even before I got Monzo and was using a traditional bank. Regardless of who you bank with, there could always be a problem of some kind. Even if it’s as simple as their anti-fraud detection erroneously blocking your card.

So I’ve always carried at least one VISA card and at least one Mastercard to be on the safe side, always.


I don’t carry any plastic cards. Just my phone unless I am going for a haircut :haircut_man:

Out of curiosity what are the main things that appeal to you about Monzo if you don’t use it for spending tracking (I assume that’s the case if all your spending is on other cards)?

The reason I was drawn to Monzo and probably the only real reason I continue to use it is the advanced spending tracking/analytics, so curious why others who don’t make use of these features use it.

I have my TB CC with no interest on purchases for X amount of months and my AMEX, pretty much it

I try to carry one MasterCard and one Visa for day to day stuff, backed up by Google Pay. If I’m going away, I’ll try to make sure I have a least one credit card and one debit card on me - preferably from each scheme.

I’m tempted to just go with a Curve card and my phone, but then an edge case will arrive that makes me happier to spread the risk…