Diversity within engineering teams

( surohpotsirhC) #1

Thinking about it, it would be really cool to see the split of engineering teams on projects. With Monzo aiming for equality, do they try and get a 50/50 gender split on projects? Or do engineers put themselves forwards for projects etc?

When will Monzo support Apple Pay?
(Eve) #2

This seems like a cool question, I remember it was mentioned in the diversity report that a lot of women were still in HQ type roles and only one higher up in a board type role(?) or a managing role?

(Jonas Huckestein) #3

Engineers work in interdisciplinary teams and so far we haven’t actively considered the gender composition within teams, but it’s an interesting thought :thinking: Staffing of teams with engineers is based on a) the high level company priorities b) the skills required in a team c) the engineers’ personal development plans.

Given that we are not doing as well as we’d like on gender diversity in technical roles (~ 20%), I’m not sure it would be practical to add gender as a factor.

( surohpotsirhC) #4

Cool. Just a thought that popped into my head.