Diversity within engineering teams

Thinking about it, it would be really cool to see the split of engineering teams on projects. With Monzo aiming for equality, do they try and get a 50/50 gender split on projects? Or do engineers put themselves forwards for projects etc?


This seems like a cool question, I remember it was mentioned in the diversity report that a lot of women were still in HQ type roles and only one higher up in a board type role(?) or a managing role?


Engineers work in interdisciplinary teams and so far we haven’t actively considered the gender composition within teams, but it’s an interesting thought :thinking: Staffing of teams with engineers is based on a) the high level company priorities b) the skills required in a team c) the engineers’ personal development plans.

Given that we are not doing as well as we’d like on gender diversity in technical roles (~ 20%), I’m not sure it would be practical to add gender as a factor.


Cool. Just a thought that popped into my head.

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