When should rounds up move?

Turned round up on yesterday. Today made my first card transaction, was expecting this to be rounded up and the 19p move to savings but it didn’t.
My question is, am I wrong expecting this to happen at the point I make the card payment. Or will it happen overnight?

Happens instantly

Was your card spend over £1?

Cheers. Yeah, it was £6 odd. Weird.
I did change the name on the pot after switching on round ups yesterday. Not sure if that should affect it or not or if there’s some bug then. But either way, I’ve switched it off and back on again (saving settings each time) and we’ll see what happens when I go the shop next.

It will show as the rounded up amount in your feed with a little circle with the pot image on the merchant logo

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The other relevant question is whether your balance was over the minimum of £10 (I think).

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That condition was removed a while ago (I think)

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True, but round ups still stop if your balance drops below £0

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That would make sense, but not the case here. I’ll see what happens when I buy breakfast.