Round ups - My observations

So I’ve had ‘round ups’ switched on my joint account for just under a month now. Here’s my observations.

  1. 120 transactions - a 41p average roundup. Just short of £50 in the pot
  2. Transactions less than £1.00 don’t round up (as expected)
  3. Your feed looks really neat and tidy - everything an exact pound
  4. Your bank statements almost double in size!
  5. Scheduled pot transfers don’t round
  6. Incoming money doesn’t round
  7. Refunds (like Curve time machine) don’t claw back
  8. DD’s do round
  9. The round up is not accounted for in “upcoming” spending
  10. When you search the total summary for each day is based on original transaction value

Overall, you may as just as well save £x p/m on payday.

I’ll leave it running for now.

Or you do both

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This the one thing I would love to change about round ups. I’ve had it activated for about 3 weeks now and have £40 in there, not sure what that says about my spending…