Roundup not working properly?

Anyone else get this issue?

Usually, it rounds up to the nearest £1, but recently it’s only adding small amounts, like 5p? Last one was £1.80 spend, roundup 5p?

That’s strange - the rules are that it’s any transaction over £1, when you have at least £10 in your account and you’re not in an overdraft, it’ll round the transaction to the whole £.

Do you have a screenshot of the odd rounding amounts?

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Just checked my account, and it’s been fine up until yesterday where I’ve had NO roundup applied to a 99p purchase (Amazon) and a 90p one (Greggs, and that’s only to try the Monzo Points thing!).

Odd. Looking back all the other ‘totals’ in my feed are .00 so the roundup has been working…

Roundups only apply to purchases over £1.



I knew that…

gets coat…

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yeah, so here it’s £1.80 transaction, I’m in credit (by quite a bit) no overdraft - but it moved 5p to savings?


Was the original amount different to £1.80?

So the total was £1.80 - so it should put 20p into my pot right?

Yep… but if the initial amount was different to the final amount (ie the transaction was for 1.95 then it changed to 1.80) then it is correct

Not sure why the amount would change? But to answer your question, no, the original amount was £1.80

This might not even be it - but are you on the new “beta” UI layout? Have you gone into the pot and checked how much was actually moved? It could just be an error in the UI but the money did move correctly?

Nope - I’m on the standard layout, didn’t opt in to the new one, and the amount that moved across was definitely only 5p :frowning:

How strange! :thinking::thinking: is it just those two transactions? Have you tried it again since?


Investigated - resolved - and DM’d :wink:

No issue with roundups, for anyone wondering!

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Just look what happens when @simonb is back and on the case :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Max has consented to share details, so here’s what happened here.

For some reason (unclear without knowing the details of the purchase), Tesco authorised this transaction for £1.95 instead of £1.80. Hence, the roundup was triggered for 5p as the roundup happens at the time of authorisation.

When the transaction cleared a day or so later, Tesco refunded 15p. Because this was an amendment refund, it simply updated the original transaction feed item to £1.80 instead of £1.95, rather than creating a new refund item for 15p.

Thus, when tapping on the transaction now, you see a roundup that doesn’t match the difference to the nearest pound - although it did at the time of authorisation :grinning:


Maybe round ups could be applied when the transaction clears. This would help with round ups from foreign transactions, too.


If you delay round ups until transactions clear you will have people complaining that they don’t happen immediately, I would imagine.

If you allow a round-up to be adjusted when transactions are adjusted/finalised, do you then permit money to be added to and/or removed from a pot to make this work? What happens if the round-up pot is an investec/whoever pot with a 24-hour delay for withdrawals? What happens if the pot has been closed in the interim? It just becomes more and more complex as you go on.

If you allow foreign transactions to have their round-ups delayed until it is cleared/finalised, there may be internal issues with creating a pot transaction essentially in the past (pure conjecture on my part tbh).

My preference, you could just provide the option to prevent round-ups happening on foreign transactions altogether.


Unfortunately some transactions don’t clear for a long time, and the ones that do clear fairly quickly still happen at random times (basically whenever the merchant does a batch presentment run).

So having events happen at random times that aren’t related to customer-triggered events, isn’t ideal, and would cause far more COps support chats about roundups “not working” compared to this particular event.