When is monzo going to fix budgets?

It’s quite disappointing to see monzo releasing fancy cards when still budgets section is flawed with bugs. People have posted in the bug section twice about this, with one post being a year old.

When setting some categories to zero in budgets, it resets to a value when going back into it.

Also, for example, it says I have 900 of 900 left to spend in bills when I know most of my bills were paid yesterday so the value should be much lower. (Direct debits have the correct category)

The spending excluding committed spending is also broken, I expect to see a few hundred not thousands, and it won’t let me reduce it. I want to budget correctly and I am having to rely on spreadsheets again because monzo still haven’t fixed it!

Using iOS.

Rant over.

It’s not going to be fixed.

Summary is being replaced by Trends - it seems like there are still a few features that need to be moved over to Trends, which should hopefully fix the issues you’re facing. I would give Trends a go, and leave any feedback you have in the topic I’ve linked below.

I wasn’t aware of that.

Interesting, I saw they’re releasing the spending tab to a selective user base, it makes sense any premium/plus members should be first for that!

Also the people who do the cards aren’t the same people who would fix your bugs. Monzo is able to do two things at the same time, you know.


This means your budgeting period is out.


It looks like you need to amend the date you’re refreshing the budget period. If you use paid early, use the day before (that you actually anticipate to be paid) for it to balance.

In summary, it’s the first icon top right, looks like a target. Try amend the dates and you may find it corrects itself.