Budget target thingy borked

Payments I’m making aren’t coming off my monthly budget on the green/yellow/red slidy thing. My monthly cycle resets on 21st of each month. I’ve excluded a couple of payments from summary but not all of them, and the ones I haven’t excluded are not registering on the main slider. The payments are registering in the individual category budgets (which I don’t really use) of I open up the Summary page, but they’re not registering on the main wheel thingy.
I’ve tried rebooting the app, tweaking the overall budget limit, which takes effect but the payments still aren’t registering.

Any ideas?


If you go to Summary, do you have any entries in the Spending or Committed spending boxes with ‘£xx upcoming’ below them?

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Yes, my bills (that come out of my bills pot) and a bunch of recurring subscription transactions in the ‘entertainment’ category.

Try hitting payments and then home again to force a refresh? Are the payments you’ve made non committed spending payments?

You could also try changing the state of the Summary slider by Turning ON “Hide ‘Left to Spend’” in Monzo Labs, then going to Home & checking it is not displayed, (*) then go back to labs and disable “'Hide ‘Left to Spend’” - then checking it is displayed again - does it now show correctly?

*You may need to force stop/close the app & re-start it at this point.

No joy

Yes, they’re just card payments, like a trip to Sainsbury’s.

No joy here either.

Do you use Bills Pots (or pay-from pot) at all?

EDIT: Apologies - you stated you did use Bills Pots earlier - I missed it!

Yep, I have had a bills pot set up since they were first introduced, from which all my direct debits and standing orders are paid. This is working fine.

I know you wouldn’t reveal it but a key piece of information is the account balance figure (omitted from your image above)

Let’s say the account balance is £1,000 for example and you have £400 of bills allocated to be paid from the bills pot. The left-to spend would show £1,000 (what you currently have) minus £400 (what Monzo knows you’ll be spending in the current Summary period) = £600 (money that hasn’t been allocated to any payments)

I’ve set this as a specific monthly spend budget of £600. This isn’t Monzo’s automatically generated ‘left-to-spend’ figure, which only appears if you don’t have a spending budget set in the summary section by my understanding.

But regardless, that wouldn’t explain why, when I’m spending money, nothing is coming off the ‘left-to-spend’ total.

It was working perfectly fine before this monthly cycle (21st-20th). This month, without me changing anything, it’s suddenly stopped working.

This is what I mean. I have this set to £600, which is what’s reflected in the green tracking bar.

I should say, I appreciate the help by the way. I do think it’s a bug because it has worked perfectly well in previous months, so maybe I should have posted in the Bugs forum there rather than Help.

Anyway, I’ve reported it to the in-app chat so let’s see what they say.

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I have resolved the issue when I was going to take a screengrab for the Monzo fella.

I’d recently had a large refund from an online shop following a cancelled order. I realised this was included in my spending summary. I tapped exclude from summary for that incoming transaction, and now it’s working as it should. :+1:


Thanks for the update & good to know there was an explanation to the mystery :mag: :white_check_mark::smile:

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