A couple of (possibly related) bugs with Spending screen when turning Monzo Labs feature off

  1. I’ve changed the category of a recurring transaction from General to Bills (due to that frustrating bug we all know about); however, if I turn off the Summary feature in Monzo Labs and check the Spending tab, the tab still says I’ve spent £350 in one transaction in the General category. When I click on that category, there are no transactions. The transaction shows up in the Bills category as expected.

  2. The total spent in the Spending section seems to be a couple of hundred less than it should be (possibly because I set a large transaction to not be counted in the summary while in the Monzo Labs Summary feature?) and the total for the Bills section is off by a couple of hundred; if I click in to that section, I see all of the transactions I should see under there but they add up to much more than the total shown for Bills in the Spending tab.

The reason I tried turning off the Monzo Labs feature is because the numbers are just completely off after all my bills went out today; issues I will file in a separate bug report.

There is feedback thread that regularly monitored by the product team - it might be worth reporting it there.

Thanks! The app’s Help section linked me here when I clicked on the “How do I report a bug?” section, but I’ll post this thread in there and I’ll report the bugs with the actual Summary section in there as well:

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