When I change my notifications they don’t change

When I try to set the payment notifications I press “allow” but when I leave the app it immediately goes back to “don’t allow”
I have been reporting this for 9 months now and no one is fixing this for me, my app is up to date

Details to reproduce:
OS: 14.6
Device: Apple IPhone Max XS
App Version: 3920#756


When you leave the app, are you just exiting via the home button or do you use the “log out” facility, meaning you have to get an email magic link every time you log back in?

It will do this if you haven’t allowed Monzo to send notifications in your iOS settings (I just tested it). Try opening the settings app, go to Monzo and then allow notifications there. Go back to the Monzo app and see if that now saves your notification preferences.

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(I still voted for this though as that seems like a UI bug of some sort - other apps trigger a link to iOS settings if you try and configure notifications when they are not allowed by iOS settings)

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