When can I change my monzo.me address to just my first name 😁

(Nicolo) #1

Please :smiley: I’ve been dreaming about having just my first name in my monzo.me address


The monzo.me addresses are URLs and need to be unique

(Nicolo) #3

I know but there should be a way for us to change our usernames and get the first name addresses as early adopters :slight_smile:


You could always close your account, change your first name to Xcyodgfpaqfhut, and then open another one?

(Gareth) #5

I guess two options?


You should also consider the obvious practical difficulties of updating your records with record holders, particularly with computer systems that insist on both forename and surname.

Or setup a URL Forwarder…

(Ben Talbot) #6

That’s surprisingly cheap haha

(Nicolo) #7

Decent :joy::joy:

(Nicolo) #8

Thanks for presenting the 2 options to me Gareth :+1:

(#savetheseabass) #9

If you go down that route i’ll send you 10p to help pay for it

(Nicolo) #10

Legally changing my name or the domain name?

(#savetheseabass) #11


Single names are only for Bono or Prince :stuck_out_tongue:


Or Madonna. Or Xcyodgfpaqfhut.

(Gareth) #13



Yeah you missed the final β€œt”

(Andy) #15

I’m also waiting for this. This has to be one of the longest β€œcoming soon” features…

(Charlie Kelly) #16

Message COps. They changed mine!

(Ben Talbot) #17


(system) closed #18

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