Change username

Can we change the username that is in our pay me link?

I think changing your username might be a Monzo Plus feature now.

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Anyone can change their handle to be a sensible derivative of their name.

For example, I was issued danielbeddows when I signed up, but I requested it to be changed to danbeddows.

But to change it to something more random outside of acceptable name combinations was a Monzo Plus feature that was being trialled. Whether it’ll come to fruition is currently unknown. I guess we’ll have to wait until we get some more information on Monzo Plus to know for sure.


I’ve spoke with support before and they said that the user name needs to be a variation of your full legal name and so would need to include your first and last name.

I got mine changed from joshuawilliamson to joshwilliamson.
Just send a message to the support in-app and ask.

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