When ATM withdrawal fails - limit then exceeded

Hi, I needed to pay cash to a friend on Wednesday night. Withdrew £240 but the ATM hiccuped and cancelled the transaction. Monzo said withdrawn and then refunded. Tried again at different ATM but said limit exceeded as 240 plus 240 over daily limit. Monzo is so clever it should recredit my daily limit. Seems incorrect behaviour.

Doesn’t sound good. I’ve just moved this into the bug reports section, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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You should be able to get it sorted via in app chat.

I guess that would have worked but would be more correct to reset the daily limit on ATM refund I think. Thanks

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I would message them in the app if you still need to take out cash today.

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Except that I’m waiting for a response to my issue after 25 hours initial chat so good luck with your response time!

From skimming the forum, I get the impression that most enquiries are dealt with reasonably quickly. It’s the ones which are referred to a specialist (maybe that should read the specialist) which have the longest delays.