What's your primary messaging app?

(Simon B) #1

I was just thinking about this the other day, and I realised that I use so many different messaging apps. It all depends on the person who I need to speak to, which made me realise how fragmented the whole thing is!

I use :

Google Hangouts
FB Messenger
Instagram DMs
Twitter DMs
Slack (for colleagues)

and there’s probably some others I’ve forgotten.

Ironically, the one thing I don’t use at all is SMS!

(Kai) #2

Telegram :slight_smile:

For those who are on Telegram, we have a public group chat and channel dedicated for Monzo.

(Change Works) #3

Mainly iMessage. It’s the one reason I’ve stayed with iPhones over the years. Telling everyone I’m only on WhatsApp would be a pain.

I send an average of 5 texts a month (all to my Mum’s feature phone).

I have WhatsApp, but haven’t used it in over a year.


iMessage and FB Messenger are my two big ones.

I also use Discord for a bit, and WhatsApp for a few people.

(Jai Sullivan) #5


(Richard Bairwell) #6

Tend to use Slack (even to my wife), Twitter DMs and then Signal (SMS alternative app). Sometimes I do just VPN into home and get our Google Home to speak out messages though :wink:

At least in the ‘good old days’ you could just use one app such as Pidgin to collate AOL IM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger - nowadays, everything has got to be totally separate :frowning:

(Nick Goodall) #7

iMessage and WhatsApp. Used to be FB messenger, but that unencrypted data-train… (Yes, WA still under the same umbrella, but at least message contents are hidden.)

(Michael) #8

Android messages, Facebook messenger, slack & whatsapp

(Phil) #9

WhatsApp with friends/fiancé.
FB Messenger.
Hangouts for colleagues.

(Andre Borie) #10

iMessage, SMS, LinkedIn and Slack.

(Andy) #11

Facebook messenger

(Nicholas Carter) #12

Whatsapp for 90% of personal communication
iMessage/Text for brother and a few others who aren’t on the whatsapp game
Combination of Slack/Microsoft Teams for work
Facebook messenger solely for my mother, because she’s unable to operate a mobile phone properly (She leaves it turned off unless she needs to use it…)


Oh the pain… I know people like this :frowning:

(Marcus Nailor) #15

M$ Teams :nauseated_face::nauseated_face: (work)

Too many! :joy: Reminds me of that XKCD comic… (Now we have an n’th competing standard)

(Tony Hoyle) #16

IRC, Telegram, Slack, Discord

Depends on which group of people I’m talking to at the time. Don;t know anyone on Whatsapp although I have used FB messenger from time to time.

(Caspar Aremi) #17

iMessage by default. WhatsApp is secondary. I have telegraph and signal but no one ever messages on them.

I do chat a fair bit on instagram dm’s, and Facebook messenger but never full conversations, just random stuff that pops up.

(Andy) #18

I used to use Instagram but deleted my account and not looked back since. Became far too addictive for me!

(Ben) #19

I’m also an iMessage default. I tried to get away from whatsapp because of the amount of groups that end up being created, but that seemed almost impossible.

Had to turn notifications for it off though. I find it so disruptive, not sure why.

(Jolin) #20


(Andrew Ross) #21

iMessage and Threema