Signal - Private Messaging

Anyone here using this? It’s probably been around for donkeys years, but I have only just found it. Is it as good [private] as they say? Any other thought? R-

Yes, I use it, and wish more people I know would do also. And yes, it is a secure as people say.

I’d love to use Signal, but nobody I speak to uses it so unfortunately it is useless for me. I happily use iMessage but have to use WhatsApp for some people which is annoying.

I’d happily use any one messaging platform, honestly but if I want to speak to people I know I need to use WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessage. I hate how many messaging apps there are

I much prefer Telegram

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I’ve been using Signal for ages, managed to get a number of people to switch from WhatsApp. Still too many of many contacts using WhatsApp though, so I need that installed too.

Signal has the same end-to-end encryption as WhatsApp - they actually invented the encryption that WhatsApp uses - but they don’t keep any meta data on who you’ve contacted, when you connected them, etc. There’s also no chance of them stuffing your conversation list with ads, which is on the cards with WhatsApp.

Telegram isn’t end-to-end encrypted by default - you have to create a “secret chat”. I don’t believe they provide E2EE for group chats.

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They’re not end-to-end encrypted but they are encrypted. The reason why they’re not end to end is because you can use the Telegram app from basically anywhere and your phone could be dead but your messages are always accessible.

I trust Telegram’s encryption and appreciate how convenient it is to access it from any browser, phone etc. and have all of my messages available. With end to end encryption this wouldn’t be possible if your phone was offline. It’s why WhatsApp desktop doesn’t work that well.

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