Messaging Apps

I thought it would be useful to have one general thread for messaging apps, rather than separately discussing them all.

This update to WhatsApp looks really promising

We use WhatsApp for various community groups. To be honest it’s really poorly suited for this (compared to something like Telegram), but ultimately everyone is on it.


Admin delete looks useful, I am an admin of a 120+ WhatsApp group would love to move them to telegram or discord for bot automation but got nowhere.

Unfortunately, have to go where the people are, but looks a promising update.

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Also very intrigued.

If the communities / sub-groups feature works in a similar way to Sphere’s implementation (which it sounds like) then I think I will be very happy.

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Sphere… By Facebook.

Cc @simonb


There may even be a Sphere employee working on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(About 22 of 30 of us went to Twitter).

With where everyone else has landed and at least two other startups being formed, they might call us the “Sphere Mafia” in years to come :sweat_smile:

I hope WhatsApp does well with this. More Communities projects is never a bad thing and a rising tide lifts all ships.


This brings back post-kung-fu-kick Eric Cantona memories for me for some reason.


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Ha, I was just talking about that with my niece and her partner the other day. Remember seeing that all happen live :rofl: