What's your most used merchant on Monzo?

(Simon B) #1

I’m really interested to know! TfL doesn’t count, by the way :wink:

Mine unfortunately seems to be Amazon.

Uber and Just Eat aren’t far behind :pensive:

(Marcel Ruhf) #2

Mine is Co-op Food.


Spar and then Asda :grin:

(Kieren) #4

Tesco for me - most local shop for a sarnie at lunch - according to the Monzo app i spent £1,800 with them in 2 years… quite a bit considering its only a £3 meal deal in my lunch break every time…

(3 Round Investor) #6

Capital one 78 payments followed by Gregg’s £2 breakfast

(Change Works) #7

How do I find that out?

(Rob Crawford) #8

Mine is the canteen at work. I really need to up my game when it comes to meal prepping… :thinking:

(Jack) #9

Sadly in terms of transactions Mc Donald’s is my highest with 21 :see_no_evil:


I can’t see how in the app to work out what merchant used the most since the year dot, only per month, so feel free to point out if I am missing anything!

(3 Round Investor) #11

Find a transaction and click it should show the details


Yes, so you need to do that with every single merchant to find out which one used the most!

(Change Works) #13

Thank you very much.


On iOS you just use search and shop icon for most spent…


Cool. Look forward to the search function on Android

(Gareth) #16

Same as you, Amazon :thinking:

(Andre Borie) #17

Deliveroo with 197 transactions. Oops, 198 now. :upside_down_face:

The runner-up is my local grocery shop with 159 transactions, since I have a drinking problem*. :joy:

*I am talking about Lipton Iced Tea of course. Not even joking.

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(Sunjay Bhogal ) #18

Boots 109, followed closely by Waitrose 104 and Sainsbury’s 104.

(3 Round Investor) #19

What did you order?

:hamburger::pizza: :beer::avocado:

No curry or Chinese emoji

(Michael) #20

Probably Tesco.

(3 Round Investor) #21

I will see your deliveroo and raise you Tesco