The more I use monzo, the more I rely on monzo!

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I first wanted a monzo card to use on holidays only really.
6 months later I have decided to ONLY use monzo now, with occasional need for cash. My reasons?
The immediate confirmation every time I spend, mostly I hear the “cur-ching!” alert on my phone while Im still stood at the till! Lol. My app tells me how much I spent, where, when, even gives a little map.
Saying that how long will it take for (my bank) lloyds to show my transactions? Especially with contactless… hmmmmm
With monzo if I get my card/purse stolen I will be alerted within seconds after one transaction…that wasnt me, Id better freeze my card and order another! Easy, again what about lloyds? By the time you find the number for customer services, get to speak to a human and cancel my card and order replacements I could in effect lose £120+ (4×£30 daily contactless payments) And lord knows what would happen over a weekend. Hmmmmm
Sorry for the long post but Im so impressed I have totally been converted :laughing::laughing:

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Welcome to Monzo! :monzo:

I love the spending and budgeting features, Monzo is already helping me budget better.


I agree. Monzo can be better than cash.

I made a contactless payment at BP / M&S Simply Food. Cashier told me the payment hadn’t worked and insisted I pay again until I showed him the Monzo transaction on my phone. He couldn’t dispute I hadn’t paid when I had immediate proof I had!

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Hi Julie! We totally love posts like yours and long posts are definitely not the thing to be bothered about. :joy: I totally agree with your points, and I’ll add one more, this community :heart_eyes_cat: . I learned a lot by reading about people’s opinions, checking out products they are using and getting my own opinion what I like/dislike. I’m financial whiz in my closest circle (I’m not, but they think I am :smirk: ), next thing they’ll ask me to do taxes :scream:.


I’d be careful with that, the cashier was quite possibly correct (I work in retail management.) The way Monzo takes terminal data doesn’t always jive well with the way large retailers process card payments.

As a general rule, if a POS terminal says the payment hasn’t gone through, it hasn’t. In over a decade, I’ve never once seen a legitimate double charge result from re-presenting the transaction.

What is happening (as I understand it) is that an authorisation request is being made from the card terminal to the processor. Monzo (and Apple Pay and various other smart cards) tell you this immediately since 99.9% of the time, the transaction completes and that’s that. You’d never have noticed this with high street banks before because they didn’t parse this terminal data. Unfortunately glitches can and do occur and the till doesn’t complete.

What this actually means is that the transaction does not get passed to the stores POS journal and subsequently does not get added to the presentment to your bank. This can be shown unequivocally by the fact that a search for the transaction in said journaling database will show the transaction as being unauthorised.

I’d keep an eye on that transaction in the Monzo app and check if if it has a Pending status still; it works in the same way as an authorisation hold in a normal bank and clears within a week when the merchant doesn’t present the request.


The transaction went through. He didn’t look at his till. He was waiting to hear a beep and did t hear it. The transaction was all good. :+1:


Ahhh, I getcha! All good then!

I deal with a lot of disputed transactions, so my immediate reaction is to presume transaction failure :stuck_out_tongue:

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After monzos recient ‘excitement’ branching into current accounts im guessing that eventually all prepaid cards will be phased out?
I wrote out a long post expressing how much i loved monzo…what a shame, google gave me 3 best prepaid cards which i could use abroad without charges, with monzo coming up top.
I seem to be missing a very big point, i have been a lloyds customer for decades, so now monzo are introducing theirs, but i already have a current account??? Why do i need another??? i didnt want a monzo card to pay direct debits/standing orders, put my wages into or pay my bills, so what can the new monzo CA have that my old CA doesnt?
I liked the freedom of monzo, i liked to top it up with enough so i was budgeting much better. I could see money left in my old CA to pay bills etc and my spending was limited to how much i could afford to transfer over. I liked how quick monzo confirmed my spending, seconds after i left the checkout, lloyds didnt do that.
So whats next? Another CA to add to the 2 i have already?
Like i said i must be missing something… i cant see the attraction and im bitterly disappointed i may now lose the monzo card i wanted and i loved. Shame… back to google i guess

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+1 for that
The current account will be exactly the same as prepaid…except you have an account number and sort code.

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