What's the one book you really want to finish but can't? 📚

(Brenda Wong) #35

Dis is a little off the topic but OMG I CANNOT WAIT FOR CRAZY RICH ASIAN. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted :sob:

(Eve) #36

It’s coming out in August!!! Can’t wait :raised_hands:t3: I absolutely love the covers of the books btw

(Brenda Wong) #37

I bet I’d be able to finish those books! Cannot waiiiiiiit


We should have a ‘what are your favourite books’ thread! What books couldn’t you put down?

(Brenda Wong) #39

:eyes: Start it and I’ll be right there with ya! #booklove


Done :slight_smile:

(Richard Cook) #41

Gonna be that guy and go with In Search Of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.

Well, I’ve read the first volume, but even that took me about eight years (not continuous reading!)

Supposedly it’s one of the best reading experiences there is. But so far… it’s just kind of boring?

(Eve) #42

I know what you mean, he’s so incredibly boring :sob: he reminds me a little of James Joyce- who I want to love, but Ulysses honestly killed me. I didn’t finish that book either and fumbled through most of the other Modernist texts. Virginia Woolf is probably one of the only modernist writers I like/tolerate.

(Brenda Wong) #43

And even then I barely tolerate Woolf, I enjoyed her at the very end of my English Lit A Level but hoowee it took a long time for me to appreciate the experimental prose


Did anyone mention Ulysses yet?

Exaggerating, but my eyes still hurt, and I gave up trying to read the book 18 years ago.

Other failures include ‘How much is Enough’, ‘Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow’ and Hayek’s ‘The road to Serfdom’.

(Emma (still not the app)) #45

Has anyone actually finished Ulysses?
I think it’s all a con and people say how great it is so they don’t have to admit they fell asleep and gave up. Nobody can call them out on it because nobody else had finished it either


It’s meant to be a must read. I love classics (read every Bronte sister novel, love Austen, Dickens, Elliott, Tolstoy,Thackeray) so this should have been easy… I tried several times and then realised it wasn’t going to be.

(Eve) #47

I did! Had to read it for my modernism module and whoever says they finished it is lying. It’s so painful. Anyone who lists it as their faves must be the same sort of person who nods at a pile of tyres in a museum and tells you how profound it is because #art


I’ve owned the Grapes of Wrath for about 4 years and I can never get more than a third of the way through it.

I’m currently reading Sapiens but like a few others I’ve struggled to really get into it.

(Brenda Wong) #49

It’s super weird how Of Mice and Men is so readable but Grapes of Wrath really isn’t tbh

(Emma (still not the app)) #50

I loved both Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice And Men.
I did read them on maternity leave when I was too big to get out of the chair to do anything else so maybe that helped

(Chloe Waters) #51

I think I’ve started the Iliad/Odyssey about four times! One day I tell myself :smile:

There are a whole bunch of ‘classics’ that I never got round to reading, but I try not to feel guilty about it. Life’s too short, and there are so many good books out there!


I was thinking about this and I need to add anything by Ayn Rand - I keep trying to read them but they are so juvenile I give up.

(Brenda Wong) #53

I think not being able to finish an Ayn Rand book is totally acceptable tbh :joy:

(Nick) #54

Plenty of different translations out there for those books, so if you’re struggling with one, perhaps you just need to try another? The Fagles translation of The Odysessy is commonly recommended, for example, but maybe you’d fare better with the recent Emily Wilson translation of the Odyssey, for example.