What should you never cheap out on?

Kind of a flipped version of this thread, I guess, but from another angle :wink:

What have you learned from personal experience to never buy cheap?

The first thing that comes to mind for me is hard drives. Made that mistake once. Within 6 months I’d ended up buying a more expensive one anyway because the first one was making odd noises and I didn’t trust it to not lose all my files.

Tattoos is another obvious one. I’m sure there are some decent artists who don’t charge much out there, but I’ve seen enough bad tattoos in my life to know that you really do get what you pay for in that respect.


Toilet paper! Ouch! :smile:


I was always told to never cheap out on the things that go between you and the ground - shoes, tires, mattresses. Been pretty good advice so far.


A mattress. You spend so much of your life on it.


Outdoor kit (well for that matter almost anything that’s there to keep you safe). Something costing twice as much lasts at least thrice as long and keeps you more comfortable too.

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iPhone charging cables. Sure you can get one in poundland, which I thought wouldn’t make a difference, but a little bit of research shows they charge your phone much slower. You don’t need to go all out and get an official Apple one, but if you’re getting one under a fiver it’s likely crap.


Yeah, agreed, but the ones from Anker, last forever


So for me

White goods, cheap skating on those bites you in the backside on getting them fixed
Cycling Lights and Helmets

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Anker make some great stuff. Love the battery packs they do.


I’d challenge this a little. I mostly charge my phone overnight, so even the slowest cable is good enough…?

And remember to replace that helmet every few years too!

I second this! Anything that will keep me out of trouble on the mountains is worth spending money on :mountain_snow:

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Sure it’ll be fine if you only charge over night, but awful if you need to get a decent charge in a shortish amount of time. A few videos on YouTube of people buying poundland and other cheap cables and testing them with volt meters, many are way below half the volts. Like I say, you’ll only notice it if you ever need to charge during the day, or you’re short on time.

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On a similar note, when you are going on holiday, pay the extra £100 for a better room.

For flights, BA domestic and (almost all) European are no different than Ryanair or Easyjet - with more seats being crammed in through densification programmes, having to pay for food and drink, and the headline prices being hand baggage only. But for long haul always book the best cabin you can afford for sure.

Slow cables will be find if they’re good quality from a recognised brand.

Poundland cables I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole because as well as being slow, they’re likely to also be dangerous, being made cheaply and not to the proper spec. If there’s one thing I don’t want to risk getting, it’s a knock-off phone charger and/or cable.


Its not just the slow charging. They are just poor quality and have a shorter lifespan, especially if you’re charging multiple times a day and having to travel with it.

As you said, there is a middle ground between the cheap/nasty and the genuine £65 Apple cable though.

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I bought a poundland cable a month or so ago as I needed one at work and had left my other one at home.

It is genuinely one of the most sturdy and reliable chargers I have bought in a while :rofl:

One thing you should never cheap out on - haircuts! I had a bad haircut once and it was cheap, and it showed, the lady cut half my eyebrow off…

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Don’t by a cheap guitar :smiley:
When it comes to musical instruments…the pricier it is the better it serves.

If you fly from City, BA still provides complimentary food and drink. However, for me the main advantage of BA or Swiss, for example, is that they fly from City and from Heathrow - which are convenient for me (and allow me to save on the cost of a train to Gatwick or Stanstead)