What's the last bit of tech you bought?

That works really well and doesn’t need a hub

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Two of these, for some extra RGB’s. Only £10 each.

(I’m sorry if this results in you buying something you don’t need)


For switches, motion sensors, etc I’d recommend a DIY solution with Home Assistant and a Sonoff RF bridge. It involves replacing the firmware of the RF bridge (soldering required) but the advantage is that you can use any generic 433Mhz switch/sensor/etc and those are really cheap, like a couple of bucks a piece. I’ve been using it for over a year to automatically toggle heating on/off based on window sensors and it’s been great.

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It’s not available for me :frowning_face:

Not that I need to buy things anyway :joy:

Just bought an M1 MacBook Air thanks to this. £850 with this offer and student discount.


Last bit of Tech was Mavic Pro 2 Drone, though lockdown has curtailed flights somewhat.

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Water cooling for my PC :star_struck:

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Macbook Pro 13"

Need something decent for when i’m not at my desk at home as I like to sit in coffee shops alot.
All that amex cashback, largest transaction i’ve ever done with them, got 3D secured but it went fine.


TP-Link Kasa KP115:


Dishwasher plugged in & linked to Agile Octopus electricity tariff :zap: via Reactive Energy.

Load-up, switch on & close the door. The smart plug then switches off until the cheapest 2-hour electricity slot through the night, at which point it switches on & washes the dishes ready for the morning, shaving 15p-25p off each wash, when compared to the usual peak-period activity. It’ll have paid for itself by mid-April and then it’s pure savings :boom:

I can also deep-dive into energy usage and see the Carbon Intensity. My life is almost complete :ok_hand: until… same for Washing Machine


Now that is smart nerdery that I can get behind!


Ah I remember them from back in the old days


Google Nest Thermostat

Somehow I was eligible for a refund on all our tado products even after 5 months through Amazon, I always wanted the Nest but opted for tado because of the ability to control radiators as well. As we’re no longer doing that, I’m excited to switch to the thermostat i originally wanted :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to your Nest review - after a week of my other half hand-cranking the thermostat up/down and leaving it it I fear my Tado purchase may have been in vain.

Hope you get on OK with it!

At least with the tado you can you tell it to reset back to your schedule after a certain amount of time after a manual change, or failing that you can tell it to revert back to the schedule at the next scheduled event.

However changing the temp manually is slightly more annoying then other thermostats as you have to push the button to take it then tap up and down through the temps, not a big issue though

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Yeah I think it’s all a carry over from our previous’ flats “thermostat” / heating solution where by it’s either FULL HEAT or NO HEAT. We fine tune throughout the day until the temperature “feels nice”.

Hoping once we get used to setting and forgetting it works!

Are you going to try and get Nest into Homekit?

Yh, just deciding whether to use Hoobs or get a Starling HomeHub for convenience

Also thats such a good idea. My dishwasher needs a “run” button pressing so sadly wouldn’t work but super great idea.

Do you have to do any fancy set up with it to determine the “best time”, or is that all done by Reactive?

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It’ll work. Load the DW up, press ‘Run’, close door - the same as any ‘normal’ cycle. It’ll then start as normal BUT power to the DW is then auto-cut so it goes dark. Then…

The Reactive account links to your Kasa account (in which the smart plug ‘lives’) - Reactive then use the Agile Octopus API to get the most efficient times. When it hits the start of the most efficient period, Reactive tells the Kasa app to switch on the registered smart plug. The DW then comes to life in the middle of the night. It’s genius.

EDIT: To be 100% sure your dishwasher will resume after power being cut, set it going and then switch it off at the socket - or unplug the plug - while it’s going. Wait a couple of minutes and then switch on / re-plug - if it then continues as if nothing has happened, the smart plug scenario will work.