What would make you leave Monzo?

I think I’ve mentioned this before so apologies I know it’s going around in circles a bit. Looking at it as an end user it could do with an overhaul:

  • clearly allow logos from other social media not just pasting the link into where it mentions twitter
  • an indication it’s in the queue to be reviewed/has been reviewed.
  • When a company updates their Logo (Amex did this recently on Twitter) the old one still shows in the app?
  • Crowd-sourcing data so if so many people submit one logo it auto approves.
  • Displaying the additional info that can be submitted such as the website and telephone number. What’s the point of being able to submit it if we can’t view it?
  • Also how do we suggest a new emoji for the notifications? Some merchants I use like local pubs just come up as :credit_card:

Edit: also this:

Wetherspoon no longer have a social media account so I can’t add new pubs to join the “Group” as mentioned in the link above. Some way to state that they belong under an existing merchant would be good maybe?


Displaying the additional info that can be submitted such as the website and telephone number. What’s the point of being able to submit it if we can’t view it.

This would especially be great for disputes. If you click “something is wrong with this transaction” it should offer a way to call the merchant to resolve this directly, potentially saving COps resources since that’s the first thing they ask when you try to raise a dispute.

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I know it’s been discussed before regarding the pace of development/quality and this is going in a loop but I think it’s a good balance at the moment, although there are some bugs that have been dragging for a little while now:

With the new bug reporting section of this forum #customersupport:bugreports hopefully they will get resolved quicker as we can see they have actually been logged with a ticket number etc.

Thats the last I’ll mention :zipper_mouth_face:

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I agree with everything you have listed here and all of these suggestions have been suggested to Monzo before, some a very long time ago but it seems they don’t see this area as a priority which is a shame. I’d probably settle for half of it being done as it’d at least improve merchant feedback somewhat but seems like it’s barely acknowledge sometimes by Monzo.

The fact that it’s barely acknowledged along with some other sections I mentioned earlier is part of what “could” make me leave as a year ago we would have at least had an acknowledgement of the issue and told it was on the list to be fixed/iterated on.


This conversation is in danger of going around in circles. I don’t have anything else to add I’m afraid.


Hey all, we hear what you’re saying on fixing merchant data.

I’ll chase it up again and see where we’re at. And as a reminder, there’s an older thread about this here.

Edit: Here’s an update from @Rika -

(In the meantime, I’ve removed a few off-topic posts :slightly_smiling_face:).


In the short term, if they don’t get cash paying in up and running.

In the long term, if they took unethical investment or let a bigger player buy them out.

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What if that bigger player aligned with Monzo’s vision and better still what if they are an ethical company who’s first foray was in banking?

Not suggesting that will happen, would just be interesting to hear thoughts if that were to happen.

That’s coming :soon: :smiley:

And I thought “coming soon” was fintech speak for in a year or so :joy:

In the case of cash deposits I thought it was planned for the next few months


Yes that’s what the email that I quoted says.


I could see myself leaving if Monzo showed a marked departure from the values expressed by their work to help those who struggle to get bank accounts, struggle with gambling, etc.

This shows a real attempt at doing a solid social good, and I’d put up with a lot of technical stagnation or issues if I thought I was supporting a company trying to do these things.


Poor customer service, to me.

TSB really messed up. But what made me leave was that rather than admitting how badly they’d messed up, they denied the issues existing or made out that they weren’t a big deal (when their customers were saying how they’d been so badly affected). And that’s what made me leave.

As it is, months later I am STILL dealing with issues caused by TSB with no end in sight, and still haven’t even had an acknowledgement of my complaint beyond a quick automated email to say that my online form had been received.

I don’t mind if Monzo mess up. Mistakes happen. But if Monzo failings are brushed off without a proper apology, I leave.


I prefer not to think about it but if I have to it would be seeing things like emojis released before more important features. It wouldn’t bother me so much if we had everything related to banking in good state, all needed/basic features etc. But things like emojis is not an achievement regardless of how quick it might have been to develop.

This would point me to second possible thing which is if product vision will clearly go toward certain group of people. Despite personally not agreeing on foreign atm transaction fees I respect the decision and I like that many different groups of people are being heard. Whether those be travellers, big spenders, web/phone users, local spenders (UK), etc. Hopefully this will drive different groups to Monzo like youngsters, self-employed, freelancers, older generations.

There are few little things that annoy me but wouldn’t be big enough to ever leave Monzo, okay maybe if suddenly I need to buy a new phone just to access the app (unless web-app will become as functional as mobile)

Out of interest, what do you think are the remaining ‘important features’?

Mostly customisation. Ability to:

  1. Customise spending start dates, periods
  2. Hide/block pots/jars
  3. Categorise recipients, direct debits
  4. Customise feed, whether I want to see the pulse or not, details I want to see in the feed, how I want to see it
  5. Receive feed notifications when any change to my account/money is made (amount settled etc.)
  6. Receive international transfers
  7. Gain interest on saving pots
  8. See current currency exchange if abroad

Those features directly relate to me but there have been things like PIN, Joint Accounts, and many more.

Not so important but I would love to have a better system to be able to correct merchant data, and from a web interface not an app. I would spend a lot of time giving you guys the right coordinates, addresses, but doing it from a phone is just not feasible for me.

Don’t get me wrong I am still amazed by everything Monzo do, but this emoji thing struck a bit of a nerve. The good thing is I am a very patient person so I know it’s worth the wait :slight_smile: It can also come from my peculiarities that I like having control over what I see and how I see it but very often simple customisation is overlooked when services are built.

But with that in mind I am totally aware that some of those things can take longer time due to external processes beyond Monzo’s reach.

theres a twitter address somewhere that has the wetherspoons logo. someone submitted it the other day :thinking:


Happy dance

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I can’t use Monzo due to overdraft restriction - £100.
I want to be sure all my Direct Debits will leave my account on time.
I never used overdraft for more than few days.
I need at least £500 overdraft to cover quarterly energy Direct Debits and Mortgage payments…
Monzo CS refused to check this for me - “no option to increase overdraft at the moment”. Why Monzo unable to re-check my credit file for any updates?!

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I’m afraid that neither the forum nor this thread specifically are places where you’ll be able to get answers to those questions. Sorry.