How I left Monzo & Instantly Regretted It

So you are probably reading the title dispairing of me. I honestly don’t blame you. I rushed my thoughts on this and ending up making my banking life much worse for myself.

So it all started a few months ago. I started having issues with payments. I’ve had a few instances of my card being outright refused (nothing seen by support). It went on a bit and in the end it was decided to be a card issue.

I got a new card and everything seemed to be good! Then I had a few instances where the payment was taken and shown in the app but refused on the reader. This happened a few times and I got frustrated. Then I tried to pay for car insurance only to get my card declined (possibly 3D secure). At this point I decided to leave Monzo for a legacy bank.

I set up an account with said bank and have been using it for less than a month. I regret my desision so much! I didn’t realise how much I appreciated Monzo’s features. I miss the notifications, the app, security (or should I say not having what feels like 8 passwords) and summary. It’s all gone and I feel like I have lost a limb. Worse than that, my new account doesn’t show what pending transactions are. It seems like I have gone back a few years. I tried making a faster payment on Sunday but their online banking was down most of the day (and you can’t make the first one from the app). It feels like I am back in 2004.

I really want to move back to Monzo but I’m not sure how long I should wait. I’m not going to accept thier joining gift as I’m probably just going to leave again soon and I would have cost them money setting up my account in the first place.

In hindsight, I should have definitely reached out to Monzo Help and not left straight away. I guess I just got frustrated with the problems that seemed like they wouldn’t be fixable soon. Reliability is really important to me in a bank but it seems so is everything else! :joy: Anyone else had the issues with payments taken and nor going through? I have had it happen at least 3 times. Right now though, I would take the issues I had with Monzo over this legacy bank!

Moral of the story: Don’t rush descions like this!


Also, the monzo app seems to work apart from my overdraft is gone, the last 4 digits of my card have gone and I get a random error on the payments screen. I wonder if bank moves get undone if you move backwards again?

Think you’ll have to open a new account and get all new account details. Can’t use the same ones if you used CASS as all payments will be forwarded to the bank you’re currently using.

I’ve not had those payment issues at all, never had a problem. Sounds like you were unlucky


Yeah, before I move back (I’m waiting for a bit. I don’t want to be that guy that leaves a bank really quick), I’ll reach out through the chat. My email will still log into the app and still has my old account number. If they can’t do anything, I’ll sign up with a new email address

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Why would you close any fintech account? No paper clutter, no minimun deposits, no monthly charges, no calculator style-authenticator crap. No trouble. Just another app on your smartphone and a card in your drawer that might need to be dusted off if needed. I am positive Monzo will sort you out. :pray:


Yeah, looking back I made a very silly decision. I rushed into it and regretted it

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Why not reopen and just use it as your spending money account for a while? Get paid and do DDs from your high street account for a few weeks or months until you are sure you are happy with the reliability and then make a decision. Best of both worlds


Good thing is Monzo may well be here longer in the future than where you switched too, so plenty of time to move back :rainbow:


That’s a great idea. I’m going to take my time. I’ve learnt my lesson :+1:. I guess that’s what life is all about :smile:


Come back when you want to :raised_hands:

Did you use full CASS switch?


Thanks :grin:. I did yes. I really hope the redirect works because I’m not getting paid otherwise :joy:. My employer need the bank details a full month before payday and don’t listen to CASS. It’s annoying because I didn’t even have the account details in time to change them

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Uhoh :see_no_evil:

believe it or not, we’ve had this happen already :wink:

Just email us to let us know you’d like a new account with us as you did a full switch away and we’ll get you sorted, we’re happy to do so!




With the many queries you see, I’m not overly surprised :slight_smile:

Many thanks, I much appreciate it. :+1:


Thanks for sharing your experiences @GarethTheNerd!

It’s situations like this that really make me begrudge Starling’s decision to block customers out for a whole 12 months when an account is closed, at least Monzo are happy to welcome you back if you chose to do so :slight_smile:

(Note: This is not a dig at Starling, so let’s not start up that convo!)


Isn’t it a 12 month minimum ban followed by needing to beg and get lucky after that?


I’m not sure but if it is then that’s even more ludicrous.

Out of interest, what made you decide to switch to a legacy bank instead of Starling?

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Be that guy! I doubt your current bank will bat an eyelash. It is a business, if you don’t like your business relationship with them just leave them.

Come back and join us now! :grin:


I did not know that! That seems backwards. Surely they would make money off you in a year?