February Monthly Update

Here’s our monthly update for February - see what we’ve been up to, and what’s coming soon :eyes:


How about CVV code which is also needed to complete the online transaction without plastic.


Card number in the app - finally :grin:

Quick questions…
Will it have the three digitals too?
On the image it says enter pin - can this be switched off? (its no real difference to having the card sat next to the phone?)
Also can you do it a little bit bigger so its easier to read?


My experience of the Octopus Energy switch has been seamless so far, already received the onboarding email with full details and an online account, less than 24 hours after applying through Monzo. I likey…

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No 3 Digit code currently.

The font size is actually fine when you’re in the app - it’s the same size as the last 4 digits.

I’m starting to find it odd that a lot of things (like this) are behind another security layer. I think if there’s some security access enables to get into the app then it shouldn’t require it in addition. Same with authorising payments with 3DS

Seems like a missed opportunity. Why bother doing it otherwise? This is my favourite thing about starling that its all there and you can use it.
It does say “No more hunting for your wallet once you’ve hit online checkout”

Your eyes are better then mine :sunglasses: I did have a look in the app and for me I find it kind of small and there is space for it to be bigger. (when starling swapped from horizontal to vertical they seemed to make it smaller and harder to see).
Would also be great if when you flipped your phone horizontal on that page if it filled the screen too, but I would settle for just a bit bigger then it is at the minute.

Don’t get me started on 3DS, I dont use monzo online anymore because of it. Every dam time :exploding_head: (hopefully they’ll eventually figure).
But I agree it starts being more annoying to use (just like 3DS). Are they saying as they are is not really secure so they need extra in and if not why.


How recently have you used it? We’ve made a lot of changes in the last few months that dramatically reduces the frequency you should need to verify a transaction nowadays. :slightly_smiling_face:


Any news on implementing weekly budgets?

Honestly hardly ever shortly after it arriving. I hadn’t seen any changes mentioned anywhere, will give it another go and see!

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I had noticed this! I know you can’t go too in depth, but what is based off? Is it less likely to trigger if I’ve shopped their before etc? or is it more just “random”?

I’d like to know this too.

I can’t remember the last time I had to authorise a 3DS payment, they all just seem to go through without me needing to do anything :confused:

I had to authorise a 3DS transaction today, but didn’t have any issues doing so (I’ve never had any issues authorising them)


I have noticed recently that many of my regular online purchases now show “We automatically approved this transaction” instead of requiring me to go through 3D secure. I assume there is some weighted logic depending on more than just how often I use the site, or what the site is.

I had one yesterday. SMS came through, entered with no hassle.

Link gives me a 404 error :eyes:

I’d wondered about this - when paying Capital One and o2 last month I noticed both the boxes popped up with the Monzo 3DS box and it said the transaction had been approved, which was a nice change to the previous months, when I paid all my credit cards and phone bill on pay day and had to hit approve over and over.

You need to add the 3 digit CVV code into the app or there’s no point in this change…

Starling does it…


That’s useful feedback - thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

While it’d be even easier to see both your full card number and your CVV within the app, that’d be less secure, and it’s easier to remember a 3-digit number than a 16-digit number! So for now, it’ll just be your card number, but we’ll let you know if this changes in the future.


Would it be possible to copy the long number from the screen so that we can paste them in to forms when needed?


What actually makes it less secure is the existence of plastic card which has both numbers on it. I don’t follow your logic/reason of not making this information available within the app which is way more secure than the plastic.