What we’ll build in 2019

(Rob) #41

Would be good to bring out a wearable like k ring


(Mark) #42

I really don’t understand what the fascination is with metal cards? Revolut, Curve and now possibly Monzo We are in 2019 a physical card for me is a thing of the past …we are a mobile only bank , surely mobile payments are the future and if Monzo doesn’t have to waste money on multi coloured cards of any type (hot coral is the brand) it would mean more money for development of revolutionary features?

I still use a legacy bank and haven’t gone full Monzo and I have to admit what made Monzo fresh and new Barclays (yes Barclays) are catching up incredibly quickly. Monzo is my joint spending account at the moment and don’t get me wrong I love Monzo.

As a Barclays Premier customer I’m a member of Barclays rewards which gets me free entrance to English Heritage sites, annual membership to Gourmet Society and Picture House Cinemas. VIP access at the O2 and more. I also get cash back for many different online stores and cash back for having a Loan with Barclays and direct debits totalling £8 cash back .Cost to me paying in more than 80k year and £3 a month. So when I see these great subscription models offering not a lot of what anyone wants. I.e Revolut and now Curve I would hate for Monzo to go the same way.

It would be great for Monzo to offer a great rewards package which brings great value to their customers!


Do you not have a Monzo account? Is the colour the only thing stopping you from opening one?


Surely you can see why I don’t want to carry a garish advert around with me 24 hours a day? I don’t do it for any other brand, and I don’t want to do it for monzo.


It’s not so much an advert as part of their brand identity. And for everyone who hates it, there’s someone who loves it. Can’t please everyone all of the time!


It’s not even well made. The writing fades, it bends more easily than any of my other cards. It’s cheap and nasty.


But that’s a different problem, and independent, to the colour, surely?


I love Monzo… that’s why I use them. I just want a different card colour to love them much more :slight_smile:
And I believe there are people who is not signed because of colour (not serious)


On card colour more generally, I have thoughts!

  • I’m sceptical about subscription models being used for different card designs. One of fees, fine, but i think that subscriptions are inherently problematic - what happens if you subscribe for a month then cancel? Is there a minimum term? What about the cost (and environmental impact) if you stop paying? I reckon for different (discretionary) cards, a one off fee and a certain number of free replacements.

  • I’m sympathetic to @nexusmaniac’s point, but also want to see some brand evolution. I’d be down for hot coral remaining an element of every card, but with liberal doses of black or other complementary colours. Maybe like this. Or this.


Like Curve… they just charged £50 for black card… before subscriptions…
So I would be happy to pay one off fee £30-£50 to Monzo for different colour card… why not


Looks good! I like the idea of tracking loyalty schemes from the app.

I’d love the ability to add notes to incoming transactions especially PayPal.

Hoping there will be another investment round as I’d love to invest but missed out as I was too young last time :pensive:

(Splodf) #52

I hate reading stuff like this because now I want all of it. I already feel myself becoming impatient.

Personally I’d build the cashback thing first. Would be a great marketing tool. Hell, I’d split my cashback 50/50 with Monzo if it meant I was auto enrolled in and didn’t have to mess around setting up tracking links.

(Adam) #53

So, if anyone out there in Monzo HQ is reading this… I’m looking to remortgage in September if you need a guinea pig!


Any chance of getting the ISAs going by the start of the tax year?

(Splodf) #55

Would be handy

(Elliot ) #56

Yeah it would be nice if they could get another “hot coral” style coloured card for the joint accounts.

(Peter Shillito) #57

Thinking about it, if the selection of benefits from paying monthly/annually included a higher interest free overdraft, I’d appreciate that. It wouldn’t be enough on its own obviously, but as part of a wider “Monzo Plus” offering, that would be nice.

(Ben Luney) #58

I totally agree with the idea of having a different colour card for the joint account, maybe another bright colour like Lime Green or Yellow so I would still get questions when using it or meet other Monzo users :monzo:

(Richard) #60

Can’t quite believe how much the colour of the card has taken up so much of this thread with all the other cool potential features being mentioned :rofl::rofl:

(Jonathon) #61

Do I want another colour? No.

Do I care if others have another colour? No.