What we’ll build in 2019

(Peter Shillito) #21

OOOH! I just had an idea (I’m assuming I didn’t see this anywhere else). Instead of completely different colour cards, hot coral cards still, but with a different colour “band” around the card, and in a different place depending on the colour, so you could have a rainbow if you layered the cards right! :monzopride:

(Shaun Watson) #22

Would LOVE to see customisable standing order intervals for things such as ‘swimming lesson every 2 weeks’…

(Daniel O Williams) #23

Interesting read, whilst features that make it easy to switch mortgage and insurance supplies would be great, I think in terms of prioritisation there are some much quicker wins.
There are ways to do this already and so I’d much rather get features within monzo that you can’t get elsewhere.

(Tom) #24

Hot Coral metal?


Change card colour… best idea. I hate hot coral. If someone happy with hot coral that’s fine… I want different colour

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #26

I’m all for a metal hot coral card as an option :yum: just not a fan of non-hot coral for monzo’s cards :wink::grin:

(Simon) #27

Looks great. Will be interesting to see what 2019 brings :slight_smile:

(Micky) #28

Isn’t that rather selfish? You won’t be forced to change the colour of your card but would be a great option for others

(James Prince) #29

I like the idea of a colour band around the original hot coral

(Stephen Spencer) #30

Coral Hot Coral - card made from endangered, dead, brittle, … wait, no, scrap that idea.

How about the previously suggested wristband cards? One-off or small subscription fee to get someone (gemalto it seems) to manufacture micro contactless cards for insertion into a bpay or similar band. Would presumably need Monzo to support multiple cards attached to the same account.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #31

I can see exactly where you’re coming from :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I did comment on the same matter further down :innocent:

I’m all for monzo offering material options but, in my opinion, they should definitely stick to hot coral :sunglasses: it’s an advert in every pocket, wallet, purse and bag across the country :wink:

Some people won’t like the brightness but over 1 million others already do :yum: haha

(Vanessa Barnes ) #32

All interesting ideas, I love the idea that Monzo is actually listening to and acting on customer ideas, that’s what makes it Number one!

(Micky) #33

I don’t mind the hot coral personally but I miss my custom designed Barclay card.it shouldn’t matter to others what colour the card is in my wallet though is all I’m saying

(Paul) #34

Superior payee management update and refine this year as well as finishing off stuff you’ve started - shared tabs, Summary etc.


These all seem to me to be nothing special for a bank.

If there’s nothing innovative about the product, you’ll have to compete on price, but then the current savings pot shows how difficult that is.

I’m really hoping Monzo can put an incredible twist on all of these, so the customers come in droves. There’s just not much sign of great things here yet


Fully agree! I will pay Monzo for different card colour… some source of income for them


Pay for a different card colour? Yikes.


They don’t pay me for ad. They charge me for using overdraft, loan… card colour. So If they want me they have to make me happy to use their products

(Eline ) #39

I’d echo some of the previous comments here…all great stuff, I particularly like the idea of being able to do more with savings, particularly stocks and shares ISAs. I currently have an ISA through a workplace provider called Smarterly (think they also do non-workplace ISAs and savings account). It’s a really useful and transparent platform with access to ready-made portfolios as well as hundreds of funds. They are integrated with my employer’s payroll so I contribute monthly through pay. They must also be able to integrate with Monzo? That would make it so easy to compare and invest in ISAs and reach my savings goals!

(Eline ) #40

Definitely agree re the pots…would be great to integrate stocks and shares ISAs for example so there’s more savings return potential with easy comparison