I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

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The majority of our users now are actually people who never even had a prepaid, which I think is pretty impressive considering it’s only been a few months since we shut down the prepaid scheme.

So I think this perception will fade out pretty quickly to the groups of people that still identify us as such.

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Happened when I first got the card… can’t really say this happens anymore

Wife had it in Prague this week, but not in the UK for a long time.

I’m in this camp, whilst I like the majory of ideas Monzo implements, I feel a more conventional card is needed as an alternative (although sayin that… if I wait long enough the hot coral card will slowly turn dark (it already is)

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Hm, I don’t think that design is workable: how would Monzo cope with 700,000 people demanding a new card all at once? :heart_eyes:

(Jack) #166

They’d have to put some sort of list in place or if you order a replacement you get the old design until your card would have naturally expired?


Some good mocks from @ASKendrew, there. I wonder though whether the design shouldn’t be the other way around so Monzo is showing the right way up when stuck in a card reader?

Also, I was thinking about feedback for the joint account cards and how to better differentiate them. I don’t that the coral has finished its job yet, but maybe a colour band where it’s a different type of card?

Too much time on my hands so I came up with this - I’m sure it can be improved on.

(It’d look better if the MasterCard were all white, I think…)

Edit: credit to @ASKendrew whose original mocks I (ab)used.

What we’ll build in 2019
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Wouldn’t it have been the right way round the first time, since most readers load from the bottom? Although I prefer your way round because the logo would be sticking out the top of my card sleeve :slight_smile:


I posted this in another thread
(Vertical Cards Discussion)

I thought I’d have a go too… I’ve chosen cards matching the colours of the Monzo logo (and a stealth grey one too)

Looking at the Mastercard logo guidelines it looks like you can have a mono colour logo for that too… it looks much much nicer in my opinion

(Excuse the drawing…I did it using PowerPoint…)


Liking the coral and yellow with white logo.


I see what you mean! But who puts their card in their purse/wallet with the chip sticking out the top?! Maybe horizontal is the way to go, after all?

With thanks to @cabbagegti I’ve updated the MasterCard logos:


I like the transparent part in the N26 card so did a mockup with a transparent part… not sure it will work with the mag strip on the back though as you’d see it

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That’s the problem with portrait cards trying to align the logo to how the card slots into the card reader – some readers load horizontally at the closest end, some load down vertically into the furthest end.

But I agree if stored in portrait in a wallet, the chip will probably end up at the bottom.

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This redesigning card thing makes me laugh - some people must have too much time on their hands… lol

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Okay, here’s a design brief for someone: design one that makes sense horizontally and vertically :wink:

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That looks brilliant

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Hey Everyone,

If possible could you please continue the discussion on vertical cards here :arrow_right: Vertical Card Discussion (All Banks) 💳

We’ve merged a few threads to create the above.
It’s been such a hot topic lately it would be nice to keep all the chatter in one place :slight_smile:


We agree! (But hey, some of us like to garden and some of us like to exercise our inner fintech designers - it takes all sorts, right? :wink:)


I think @Danny made the best attempt at that up-thread :wink:


Danny’s design cleverly featured a Hot Coral MasterCard logo on the card making it much more subtle.

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Seeing as everyone is going all vertical I also have designed a Monzo vertical card.