What we’ll build in 2019

(Peter Shillito) #62

I guess enough about card colours. Here’s my thoughts:

A faster, better way to get a mortgage or remortgage

I’d like to get a mortgage either later this year or next year, so that’s appealing. Thing is, unless you have a better rate than anywhere else, I’m going to go anywhere else. Faster isn’t always better.

Clearer, fairer insurance when you need it

Insurance isn’t really that much of a headache, I think? So I guess it’s car, home/contents, phone and travel? All of those I just use comparison websites and get it sorted, except for phone insurance where I’m just with AppleCare. Complementary travel insurance as part of a wider selection of stuffs would be good, as travel insurance is pretty cheap, but it depends on what the excesses and limits are (which are straightforward to compare with others)

Loyalty schemes, rewards and cash back on the money you spend

No thanks.

Visibility of more of your accounts in Monzo

Not relevant to me, except for a credit card which has its own app and has an automatic direct debit so it doesn’t matter.

More ways to save and invest your money
rounding up all your spending

already a thing (that’s just coin jar? am i missing something?)

send any money spare at the end of the month into your ISA

There we go, that’s something I’m definitely after. Not just ISA, just any pot.

Help building and tracking your credit score

Credit scores are nonsense and even with the best credit score you can be rejected for seemingly no reason. I couldn’t get on the iPhone Upgrade Programme despite a perfect credit history and Experian score was 999. It’s now not 999 because I got declined for the programme twice and took up a 0% interest credit card instead. Barclays then refuse to reveal why them specifically declined my request for credit. So it’s all well and good offering tips and tools like this, but they’re already available everywhere like MSE’s Credit Club, or Experian’s or CallCredit’s own tools.

An option to buy add-on services for your current account

Sure, different design cards would be interesting for many, but I’d only really be interested if they were functionally different. As mentioned in an earlier post, if I can use them to pay direct from certain pots depending on the colour of the card then that would be nice. Not sure I’d want to recurringly pay for that privilage, but I’d probably pay a one off for the card to be made and sent.
Increased free withdrawals abroad would be nice, but you’d need to explain up-front how much you’d need to withdraw to make it worthwhile. Like, if I paid £5 a month for an increased limit, the fee free limit would need to be £167 a month more than the current monthly limit to break even. And even then, I’d probably only do it for while I’m abroad, unless you’re tied into a yearly subscription, in which case it would need to be drastically more as I go abroad once or twice a year, if that.

ㅤ ㅤ

But really I just want the existing app to be tidied up and made smoother.

(Daniel O Williams) #63

Who uses cards these days anyway :grin:?


Absolutely agree, it’s not the garish colour so much as the poor quality of the card, it all looks so cheap and nasty

(Adam) #65

Call me boring but I’d like to see unexciting things like joint account feature parity, not showing card numbers in notifications when you make a manual payment before anything else. Statements for pots, etc.

Zero interest in seeing all my financial accounts together in an app from one of the financial providers :thinking:

Credit scores - so readily available for free from the multiple providers, not sure what benefit this offers.

How are mortgages going to be better and faster? This could be good but the devil is in the detail.

Everything else if pretty meh for me.

(Daniel O Williams) #66

Yep agree. Much easier to add value with lots of small features Vs one big feature that will be difficult to pull off.

(Andrew Reeve) #67

I agree wristband contactless. Its happenning with fitbits and apple watches. But id like a monzo wristband for when i am at the gym or when my energy levels are so low i cant open my wallet. Need to be waterproof though.

(Sandra Alvarez) #68

BUSINESS ACCOUNT! Please! I am begging you guys for this. I don’t care about card colours or loyalty points, I want a business account with Monzo. I’m a sole trader and run a small company and would like to not be stuck with Lloyd’s or TransferWise Borderless (which has been disappointing). I’m really sad to see that business accounts didn’t make the 2019 list. I don’t want to go to Starling but this is getting ridiculous. You should have this by now.

(#savetheseabass) #69

They’re already working on that. Timescale depends on various factors

(Paul Wilkinson) #70

I’d love to see ability to export your transactions to either OFX or QIF please. Should be something that is offered as standard really as most other banks offer this. Thanks and hope to see this.


I just ditched natwest because of enforced enrollment into loyalty schemes. I don’t want my purchase information being traded for points. If you want to offer it sure, but if it is mandatory I will drop monzo completely. Please find a different way to make money. My bank is the last thing I want trading my information.

(Kieran) #72

You can already do this :slight_smile:
Head to the account page, click profile and then select statement history.
It should give you the option of PDF, QIF or CSV.

(Sergiu) #73

Custom card colour? :scream:

COUNT ME IN! :heart_eyes::partying_face:

(Paul Wilkinson) #74

Hi Kieran, many thanks, however, when I go to click on each statement or share each statement under Statement History, there are no options. I can only download in PDF.

(Matthew Hornby) #75

Yeah, a metal card would have been really useful today to scrape my windscreen! :rofl:

(Adam) #76

I’m so surprised custom / alternative card colours are such a big talking point!!

I’d have thought more services and app improvements would be the talking point rather than cosmetic changes to a bank card.

(George Nick Gorzynski) #77

Id love a few options for card colours.

Maybe add a Monzo Blue and a Purpley colour?

(Colin Robinson) #78

@paulwilky76 @16bitkieran

It’s under Summary (not account page) - scroll to the bottom.


Loved reading this. This kind of stuff is why I use Monzo. Much better than my previous banks.

(Paul Wilkinson) #80

Hi Colin, thanks a lot! Appreciate your help mate!!

(Rachel Reveley) #81

I have set up several pots and it would be useful to see the total amount in all of my pots as well as what is in my main fund.

I don’t want people chatting to me while I am using my debit card. The orange stands out in an unpleasant way.

Better interest rates on pots and interest on all pots if the total is more than £1,000 across pots rather than per pot.

Recent transactions are muddled along with other events, a traditional statement of transactions this month would help.

Also, I ill be remortgaging in July and will need printed statements. I currently don’t know how to get these.