What was your first job? 💸

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I was wondering what everyone’s first job was? :smiley:

For me it was at age 16. 10 hours a week on the tills at Safeway! It was £3 and something an hour, paid weekly! Felt like so much money at the time and loved the weekly pay!

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Sales Assistant aged 15 working at Shoe Express earning £2.27 a hour.

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When I was 13 I was a paperboy init

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Worked in an independent computer sales and repairs shop. Did a bit of everything, repairs, sales etc.

Mostly worked on the weekends as I was in school unless of course it was the holidays where I worked in the week.

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Oh I always wanted a computer shop job but none of them opened outwith school hours :frowning:

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Spar shop hot food counter at 15. Between 8 and 16 hours at the weekend and 8 during the week. £2 an hour

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Ironing snooker tables. £1.75 an hour, and by the time I was good at it, I could do the whole job in under an hour a week. Wasn’t really worth asking my Mum for a lift any more…

Snooker tables need ironed?!



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Yup - you brush them in one direction, then iron in the same direction (from top to bottom as you see on the telly), and then do the same with a block covered in baize (same as the table). It means you end up with a perfect surface, with predictable speed up and down the table. At a tournament, they would do it every day.


It was quite good, upgrading RAM & HD, building new Desktops for people. Sorting out any issues they had + More.

The amount of people that came in with viruses etc :-1:

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Working in a (now defunct) Photographic Retailer in Sheffield, where i did my work experience, spent the next year and half there as well, think it was £6 per hour plus commission on Camera’s etc did Saturday’s and then 5 days a week during school holidays to cover staff when they where on holiday.

Fixing car electronics. Not hourly but more of a “no fix no pay” type thing. Paid quite well for a first job, only issue is that I had to somehow get to the places where the cars broke down which wasn’t easy when I didn’t have a vehicle myself.

Today I learned!

I used to do that at home for people! Was much fun!

Please tell me you did developing of photos and you have some awesome stories? :smiley:

That’s cool!! Did you work on any expensive/tech heavy cars?

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Yep latest cars from a certain German manufacturer. They were full of tech - the average car had a good 20 or so ECUs which are like computers (actually closer to microcontrollers than computers. I’m not sure they even ran an operating system).

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My first job was little old Woolworths, back in the day!

Oh and it was £3.65 an hour when I was 16.


My first job, and only job, is the job I do now. Self employed carpenter.


Customer Service at Teco, was really well paid for a 17 year old £6 something per hour and £10 something per hour on a Sunday/Bank Holiday

Working for the Co-Op Bank l alternated between feeding magnetic tape and cartridges into the machine and monitoring the 47 ATMs they had. Can still remember a few of the command lines codes for things like spit out cash card :smiling_imp:


What we talking here, school time job or first proper job??

School time job was paper round and working in a hotel’s swimming pool on Fri/Sat/Sun

Still in my first proper job… 12 years later :grimacing:

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