What do you want to know about working at Monzo?

HI! Help me :pray:

Iโ€™m writing a blog post on my first 6 months at Monzo (and my very first job!)

What kind of things do you want to know? What would interest you? :pray:

Thanks frens :slight_smile:


Whatโ€™s been the most difficult part of your journey?

What helped make the 6 months easier for you?

I guess in the collective imagination working in Monzo is like the stereotypical tech company experience - bean bags, beers in the kitchen, memes on the staff slack etc. Be interested to know how accurate that is though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Have you been there just six months now, or is it a retrospective? If the former, was it more daunting starting a job in a time of working from home, and do you think it helped or hindered you?

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How does oneโ€™s experience of working at Monzo vary depending on your role and collective?

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Is there anything during your 6 month journey thatโ€™s made you think, jeez, this was a bad idea?

What has surprised you about being in the big bad working world?

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Did you join just so that you could work through the backlog of merchant corrections, and if so, how many have you accepted or rejected.
If not, why didnโ€™t you join with that in mind? :eyes:

Finally, now that Iโ€™ve got your attention, can you give me access to sort out the merchant corrections because some of them are WHACK.

Just how performative is the continuous integration pipeline, anyway?


Do you get any perks working for Monzo :grin:

Just how performative is the continuous integration pipeline, anyway?


Not performant enough :angry:


You need to discuss this with TS:

Tell him the Community sent you (you might need to explain what that is).

Whatโ€™s the tech stack like, and how has it evolved?

How good is Monzo at appealing to older workers?

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I just made my first (and hopefully) only merchant correction :eyes: Transferwise โ†’ Wise :partying_face:


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