I don’t think this person enjoyed theirs:

Do any COps have any good experiences they’d like to discuss, or any other employees long/short tenured on their Life@Monzo.

Couldn’t see much in the forums other than the AMA stuff.


I take anything on that website with a punch of salt.


A lot of it can relate to my current place for those on front line services, mostly the hours aspect.

No threat of that probation business stuff though, seems like bad interpretation.

If you break it down it doesn’t seem that bad.

  • 40hr week - Isn’t that about normal?
  • They monitor your performance - normal?
  • They pull you up on things you can improve on - great, I wouldn’t mind that - again normal.

The only weird thing is the “scoreboard” thingy but I can see advantages to that. If you are wanting to progress you know what you need to do to stand out and make an impression. If you’re not bothered, just ignore the scoreboard, do your shift and go home.

The rest just seemed a bit of exaggerated/dramatised waffle imo.


We used to send out team stats daily in a previous role and there was no harm in it, more friendly competition (always at the top :sunglasses:).


General rule of thumb. Ignore both one and five star reviews whether a product or a workplace.


It’s a 45 hour week minus lunch breaks.

I’m a 40 hour week but only work 35 (plus 2 paid 15 mins each day).

Everywhere I’ve worked tracks your performance to some degree. I’ve just never had it broadcast but as you said I wouldn’t mind either way.

This happened in the supermarket when I was scanning items on checkout, or restocking “my isle” after a delivery. Or at the bakery production line I worked on when I was making cakes. Through to my current web developer role where it tracks how many issues I fix and how long I spend on them.

I’m just one of those people who go into my own bubble and work through my tasks until hometime. I don’t give the stats any thought whatsoever. If I have a problem or feel I’m spending too long on something I speak up - that’s what I’ve learnt is key.


I’ve honestly had worse reviews from people who work in my team :joy:.

Always get unhappy staff. This person seems to have some reasonable points but also, maybe a bit of a shirker. ‘ They’d give me 6 days in a row then ONE day off between shifts, it was a living nightmare, I was a walking zombie.’ On 6 day, 40 hour weeks :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I do have some empathy in that frontline service is hard graft, a little soul destroying, and terrible hours - I’ve been there - but that’s also what they applied to do.


by the time you’re on phone calls that’s all you’ll be doing, 8 hours a day

I can’t believe this as Monzo never answer the phones when you try and contact them! :sweat_smile:


Haha yeah it’s familiar with peoples thoughts in my place.

Absolutely I’ve always appreciated feedback on my work as we get spot checked and formal QA reviews monthly anyway, it’s opportunity to develop not think how rubbish you are.

A lot seems to spur from this persons interpretation of it all, and could have just raised this with their manager, certainly around the methods of providing feedback, keep it aimed at positivity not focus too much on the negatives unless it’s of great detriment to business.

More likely missed out on what their manager was pointing to as the learnings, and taking it to heart instead.


I wouldn’t dismiss the review out of hand, there’s been a lot of mentions on the forum that staff seem to be affected by KPIs judging by copy and paste and not reading tickets properly , that being said it’s speculation and could just be a bad manager or a employee who thought the job will be a very chill home one.


I’d never enjoy a job that’s too easy, my partner does QA for the same bank I work, and he’s bored all the time though never not listening and marking a call :sweat_smile:


Starting to feel like these are the same person now :joy:


I wouldn’t touch glass door. That website is full of fake reviews and harvests your data just to read things. Not worth the time. Move along

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Hardly harvests data if you enter false information. :man_shrugging:t3:

You shouldn’t touch glass doors. It’ll leave fingerprints and someone will have to clean it


I’m still here after nearly three years!

Like any company there’s some good things and some bad things about working anywhere. What I will say is Monzo is always working to make things better and they listen to feedback. I’m very, very vocal about things and meet with our director of customer operations and our people team every two weeks. How many companies give you that ability?

Monzo is, hands down, the best place I’ve ever worked, even if it’s not perfect!


Better me touch them unlike you always licking them :eyes:

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