The Division - PS4

I am just wondering if anybody on this forum plays The Division on PS4?

None of my mates are in to it and I could do with a group to run with. I do have limited play time because of family, but would be nice to do some incursions.

If you have it but haven’t played it since launch, I highly recommend you pick it back up. It’s a totally different ball game now.


Uncharted 4 multiplayer is my jam on PS4.

Although I’ve hit the maximum possible progression stats and am ranked Top 2% worldwide so maybe I should stop now… :thinking:

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That’s actually unreal, fair play :open_mouth:

Never stop gaming mate.

On a serious note though, the division has a very similar combat system. If you haven’t tried it, definitely look at some videos on YouTube.

it’s better then Uncharted :yum:

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I like the Uncharted 4 multiplayer because it has “mystical” elements you can include in your loadouts rather than just weaponry combat. Some of them are completely insane like Wrath of El Dorado which is great for flushing out campers.

I’ll definitely have a look at Division though!

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Another UC4 obsessive here! Play it a few evenings a week for an hour or so, it’s one of the few games for online play where I’m not screaming at the TV due to the behaviour of others (I’m looking at you, Rainbow Six), although the number of times people just log off (and then its 4 vs 5) drive me to distraction sometimes. Also, I’m a big fan of the way the game can evolve purely based on which approach people have taken (i.e. sniper, grenade loons etc). I’m too nice, I enjoy healing folk!

I bought The Division when it came out, levelled up to the maximum (at the time), but got bored of the game because I was being booted from groups (I didn’t know anyone else who played) on the newly-released higher missions because “my gear wasn’t good enough” when the only way to get that gear is to play those missions! Drove me mad. I’ll dust it off and give it another go, though. Been a while.

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Exactly why I quit. I picked it up a few days ago though and I’ve gone from GS 182 to 252 on my own in about 3 days and about 8 hours play time. There is so much to do now, it’s unreal :sunglasses:

That is pretty cool :sunglasses:

I only ever played a few hours of Uncharted. My girlfriend liked it though so I definitely should have stuck with it :joy:

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Although multiplayer is what I play these days (since I obviously finished the main campaign very quickly) I must say that the single player campaign in Uncharted 4 is up there with The Last of Us as one of the greatest single player games I’ve ever played. It’s amazingly well made, everything from the storyline to the graphics to the dynamics of different puzzles and battles are all top notch.

A very well deserved score on Metacritic :


Just dropping my PSN here for anyone that wants to add me.

HoddzDJ (obvs)

I own both The Division and Uncharted 4, not finished either thugh… infact I don’t finish most of my games :joy: