What video game are you playing at the moment?

(Richard) #42

Pretty much been switching between 2 games at the moment… PUBG and Battlefield 4 (bit faster paced than BF1), both on Xbox!


I had my first “[player] has joined your game” message the other night just as I was setting up a new base on a paradise planet - I panicked and switched the game off because I wasn’t ready for guests.

(Charlie Kelly) #44

It’s just so, so good. The humour, the concept, the music. Everything!

(Jack) #45

I loved portal, I’ve only ever played the first one. Maybe it’s something I should add to my list of games to play next. (portal 2 that is).

(Matt C) #46

Spiderman has just arrived. See y’all next year!

(Jack) #47

I hope mines arrived by the time I’m home!!

(Matt C) #48

Loved Spider-man! Shadow of the Tomb Raider has arrived now so will start that today. Hoping it is good!