What video game are you playing at the moment?


Currently loving Crash and also Dead by Daylight. I just cannot get enough, and I usually hate online multiplayer but it’s ace.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, get it added to your account for free this month… and if you enjoy it add me (same handle as here)

(Colin Robinson) #23

Today, assuming my collectors edition turns up, it’s gonna be all about Battle for Azeroth.

(Glenn Lewis) #24

Can’t stop playing Gran Turismo Sport right now. It was such a small game when it first came out, but they keep releasing updates and I can’t keep up!

(Lebert) #25

I was playing Battlefield 1 and The Division the most until we were burgled. Took the Xbox but left the games


All on the Xbox One
Far Cry 5
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Rainbow Six Siege

I tried The Division but couldn’t get into it, I also have Ghost Recon Wildlands somewhere and again I just didn’t get into it. Maybe I need to persevere with the last 2, they are co op games so needs a group to get through them.

I was playing Battlefield 1 but can’t seem to find any of the maps I enjoy playing


Not much of a gamer but i did recently complete Legend of Mana (really love the end theme). It’s a really enjoyable PlayStation 1 game that was only released in Japan and the US. Works perfectly via emulator (i used OpenEmu).

(Jonathan) #28

Currently playing Gran Turismo Sport, Rocket League and Crash Bandicoot (it’s definitely harder than the PS1 versions)

(Glenn Lewis) #29

I’m finding myself way more frustrated than I ever used to be playing it as a kid. Maybe my 35 year old reflexes are just past it now. :neutral_face:

(Tony) #30

Mafia III was free with PSN this month. I’m playing that, Fortnite and Uncharted 4, on a more-or-less rotating basis now. It’s murder remembering the changing button layouts, though!!

Was going to buy Vampyr but having seen part of a playthrough on Youtube I’ve put it on my “if it gets reduced” list.

(Caspar Aremi) #31

I just bought my very first games console, a PS4 Pro.

I started God of War but I found the storyline a bit dull, I really didn’t care for the characters. I’ll go back to it.

I did get stuck into No Man’s Sky though, and find myself looking forward to jumping into bed to play it. I used to be obsessed with Elite: Frontier back on the Amiga, and wanted to love Elite: Dangerous on the Mac but it was too complex to get into easily, and they stopped supporting the Mac last year. I’m all in on NMS though, I’ve wasted way too long reading up guides and resource tables.

I’ve bought a bunch of other games too which I’ll give a go at some point. Witcher III and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’ve played a few mins of Horizon but it felt very similar to God of War so thought I’d go back to it once I was properly done with that.

On my phone the last game I got obsessed with was Polytopia, a world building strategy game. Did pretty well but reached a point where I couldn’t beat the harder levels so stopped enjoying it so much.

(Simon B) #32

Four words for you my friend.

The Last of Us.

(and if you dig it, when you’re done get the Uncharted Trilogy set, then Uncharted 4, Uncharted Lost Legacy).

(Jorge) #33

That is literally the order I followed when I got my PS4. Highly recommend!

(Glenn Lewis) #34

I pre-ordered NMS and after a few days playing it, I got bored.

I’ve heard that it’s had an update though, so I may need to give it another go!

(Caspar Aremi) #35

The reviews of the Next update describe it as a totally different game. I remember the hype when it came out, I followed a series about it on The Verge and everyone sounded quite disappointed, but the new update brings it up to the level everyone expected when it came out. I’m still baffled by multiplayer - are we playing individually unless we opt in to see our friends? I bumped into a total random stranger on a planet recently :eyes: - but really enjoying learning the mechanics. I’m able to make engine fuel easily now and jump with my hyperdrive and have completed a mission to find someone so I think its the deepest I’ve gotten into a game in years :laughing:

(Glenn Lewis) #36

You saw another person? That’s me sold! I got bored of the lack of interaction, so if there’s other people wandering about then I’m in!

Will report back … :smiley:

(Matt) #37

Anybody here play Dota 2? Bonus if you’re following The International right now!

(Caspar Aremi) #38

I read an explainer and apparently when you play, you’re in an instance with 16 other people. Up to 4 of them can be actual friends who have opted to join each other, but other random people can be put in it too. As the universe is huge you’re unlikely to bump into people, but it can happen - as I discovered. I know that person wasn’t an actual friend as I’d only added 2 or 3 at the time as I just got the PS4 last week!

But yeah, all in all I’m loving it. A few friends are playing it so I’m hoping to sort out a time to hook up with them and play at the same time at some point.

(Adam Kendrew) #39

I’m back playing a bit of World of Warcraft after a few years off. Actually enjoying it, although it’s changed a lot.

(Charlie Kelly) #40

Started Portal 2 again last night. Still the best thought-out game ever.


(Andy) #41

Oh that gives me the feels! still one of my favourite games ever. I need to dig it back out and play it again! The music is just awesome. I went to see video games live a couple of years ago and this was my favourite piece of music they performed