Card stolen


my card got stolen in south america incl my phone. How can i block the card ?



You can contact the support team by emailing or call 0800 8021 456.

or tweet direct to @monzo

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I’m sorry to hear that, Rody :frowning: I’ve passed this on to our support team who will be in touch via email ASAP.


Hi Rody, I have sent you an email :slight_smile:

0800 doesnt work from overseas…


This subject was raised by you before in a previous post

so hopefully Monzo will give some thought to PhatPheddy’s suggestion of adding a UK landline instead of trying to call +44800

Alternatively you could have a 00800 number instead of an 0800 number (an International Freefone number instead of a UK Freefone numver) or have a UK 03xx code number.

Both +800 and +443xx are connectable from all countries in theory, but I would opt for +443xx as a safer bet as some countries seemed slow in connecting to international Freefone +800 but all will connect to +443xx and when dialed from within the UK 03xx is often included in call allowances on certain networks.


Is there any update on the no to call from abroad to report a lost card please? I haven’t lost mine, but like to keep a no handy just in case…

Is the 0800 8021 456 number on the back of the card no use for this?

from most countries it is impossible to dial +44800 freephone numbers or +449xxx premium numbers but +443xxx works OK and +44845 sometimes works

Hi and thanks for your reply… I’m not sure, there was a comment in the thread to say 0800 nos don’t work from abroad… Is that right? If they don’t we need a no which does work from abroad. My other banks have a UK 0800 no and a different no starting +44



Even 00800 international freefone may not be accessible from all countries or network providers

I think it is best to have a geographical number e.g. +44203 for customers calling from abroad

As a possible temporary workaround for some (can also be used for anyone that still gets charged for calling 0800 from mobiles). There are services that offer you a UK landline number and transfer you to the 0800 numbers.

If you phone +44(0)1249200800 wait until you hear a voice prompt you to enter the number you want to phone and press the #. and you do so, then you will be connected to that number.

You can also directly bypass that voice and second dialing by saving Monzo’s 0800 number as +441249200800p08008021456# should work from abroad!!

Edit: I can’t remember who gave me the number or who provides the service, but it works. I think they are 0800 buster ( alt number 0333 555 880000
Edit2: You will obviously be charge whatever you would be charged calling an English landline.


FYI Monzo shared the number to call from abroad today here -