What happens if I lose my phone - getting into Monzo? When abroad

I think my only challenge really would be if I lost my phone when travelling I would not be able to just logon to a computer in an internet cafe to do anything apart from freeze my card.

I’d have to buy a new phone, log back into my Apple account which would require Apple to text me a code to my phone number (which theoretically is lost with my phone at this stage)

So I’d have to get a sim sent to the UK for a relative to accept the codes sent to my new SIM card.

This would then allow me to sign in to my Apple account and access my Apple iCloud emails.

At which point I could then login to Monzo simply with the email?

Is this how it would go down? Or would Monzo also require me to upload my ID too? What if my ID was lost? Or to login is it just tap the email link?

Sorry I am just wanting to feel at peace for upcoming possible travels now I have moved everything to Monzo because not all my money is in my main Monzo account they are in Monzo pots connected to digital virtual cards and things so if I lost my phone I would want to buy a quick new cheap phone to regain access to my Monzo account rather than just spending on my physical Monzo card from the main account…

I’d probably always travel with a credit card too for peace of mind to be honest come to think of it

I often travel for 3-4 months at a time in between work projects so just wanted to get some info on this login process when losing your phone if you know what I mean

With my TSB bank I’d just login on any computer as I know my details off by heart

Take another method of payment with you that’s sufficient.

You don’t have access to any online banking as it doesn’t exist, most other banks require the SMS codes.

As for monzo app, all is well but you will need to do the ID task, though can’t recall if you need the ID to do these or just the video as they can compare to your original ID and sign-up video.

Always good to have multiple cards wherever you go. Maybe even a burner phone with your main SIM in to keep safe in case the above does happen (never had this issue tbh).

High street banks do also have telephone banking whereas monzo don’t offer banking over the phone. Solely app only, so there’s something to consider.

Have a high street bank (HSBC with the new global account?) to escape most of the above issue if something did go wrong.


Hello and welcome :wave:

What @Carlo1460 says is great advice, particularly around the backup account.

Isn’t this what https://web.monzo.com is for though? It’s super basic and for emergency’s and it’s certainly not online banking.

Enjoy your travels!

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I’d hardly call that online banking :rofl: but thanks!

Yeah the emergency Monzo banking isn’t really useful for anything, literally card freeze is the only thing you can do, and review transactions.

Also bearing in mind you still need access to your emails, so if you’ve lost your phone, it’s been stolen etc etc. And you’ve no other access to emails or can’t log in to them because it’s all stored in your phone’s password vault… Game over :rofl:


When travelling I bring a spare trusted device which I leave in hotel room (e.g. a spare phone). If not possible, you may me able to bring backup codes to get you into your email in the event if losing your phone. Not sure if this is possible with iCloud email, but it is with gmail…

If uneasy about printing backup codes you could put on an encrypted usb stick.

I know, and the points you made are valid. I agree with you and @Carlo1460, it’s not really online banking, and it’s not great but it is there as an option (just not a very good one).

Just to note that while this relates to Monzo while travelling, I’d say the same applies to Monzo and any bank really in the UK. Best to have a secondary account in case something happens with the other one.

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yeah no printed back up codes when travelling this would be cool, nobody would be able to use them anyway unless they knew my account email / account email or even what they were so that’s probably what I would do. I’ll probably look into too adding a recovery contact relative too to get me back into my apple account. anyway hopefully it will never lead to that but with everything on our phones nowadays it has become fairly important to know I can get back to the important things while traveling if I lost my phone. maybe take my Mac with me too which could help me with that.

yeah that’s true nowadays they want to send an SMS code. damn, maybe I will be begging on the streets in Vietnam with £10,000 in my bank because I lost my phone and cannot regain access to anything hahaha security has become so good nowadays with banks it has created a side challenge here if we lost our devices while travelling.

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This is the issue when your whole life lives on your phone, like many do - If I was to lose my phone, can I access my email to get a magic link? nope, as it’s protected by 2FA on my phone, yes. I have a hardware token on my keys, if needed, but it weirdly only works with Android NFC, not iPhone NFC

Edit: my iPhone does read the key, BUT because it’s on a key chain, it does struggle unless i hat an exact spot

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