Someone stole my bag with my Monzo card and phone in it

I need a help what to do

Freeze your card for step one. Then do you have access to another phone to be able to get a replacement card?

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@Revels has the best initial advice.

Then - report the crime to the Police.
Then - report the stolen phone/account to your phone network provider
Then - use the Apple or Google ‘find my phone’ service to try & locate where the phone is - this step is doubtful given how experienced thieves are with shutting location-based services down.


Secondary - was your phone protected? (PIN / Biometrics)? And what else was in your bag to allow someone to undertake ID fraud/theft?


All great advice, along with setting a SIM PIN if anyone hasn’t already.

Fraudsters easily take sims out, put them in their phone, get the phone number which gives access to alsorts of accounts and data with OTP etc.

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Just don’t go retrieving it yourself. Great way to get stabbed.


I was talking to someone yesterday on a call and she said she used her iPad to find the location after having their iPhone stolen, she rocked up to the address and just said give it here before I call the police.

She left with the iPhone and called the police :joy:

But I agree, do not do this. Dangerous game.


Step 1 (report the crime to the Police) and Step 3 (use the Apple or Google ‘find my phone’ service to try & locate where the phone is) normally work together with the Police - they’ll deal with approach and recovery, where possible.

Dang your friends a mad player, props to her. :grimacing::joy: