What time does Monzo deposit wages


Hi, I’ve just switched to Monzo now and I was just wondering what time my wages will be deposited to my account on my pay day. Does anyone have a particular timescale they’ve noticed, I.e. wages appearing between 1am to 2am like Natwest does.

Many thanks!


Based on a quick look at my history, always around 1am ±10 minutes. I’m not sure if this is dictated by Monzo, however.

(Jack) #3

Account credits are processed at 1am UTC.

Debits at 2am UTC.


Mine have always been dead on 1am for what it’s worth.

(Andy) #5

If it’s BACS credit then it’s around 1am, if it’s faster payment then it can be later on

(Ben) #6

My understanding is Bacs credits at 1am Standing Orders at 2am. Direct Debits at 3am.

(Punit Mannari) #7

1am on the dot, I get my alert that money is in…and I usually go shopping then


Many thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: