What time does Monzo deposit wages

Hi, I’ve just switched to Monzo now and I was just wondering what time my wages will be deposited to my account on my pay day. Does anyone have a particular timescale they’ve noticed, I.e. wages appearing between 1am to 2am like Natwest does.

Many thanks!

Based on a quick look at my history, always around 1am ±10 minutes. I’m not sure if this is dictated by Monzo, however.

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Account credits are processed at 1am UTC.

Debits at 2am UTC.


Mine have always been dead on 1am for what it’s worth.

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If it’s BACS credit then it’s around 1am, if it’s faster payment then it can be later on


My understanding is Bacs credits at 1am Standing Orders at 2am. Direct Debits at 3am.

1am on the dot, I get my alert that money is in…and I usually go shopping then

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Many thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: