Extravagant purchases - Stuff you don't need


It’s been a heavy year for frivolous purchases so far…

320 BHP for my 5 minute commute to the station! (much fun though)

So go on then, what did you lot buy that was stupidly expensive, useless, cool, etc?

(Johnny Ellwood) #2

My Iron Man suit was my last BIG purchase that I didn’t need. Fun for Comic-con and Marvel film showings though. FB_IMG_1507056220644|375x500


Nothing much lately, though I think next month will be full of such purchases - I’m in love with how the new MacBook looks so I’m definitely buying that (replacing my 2013 MacBook Pro) and possibly an iPhone 8 as well.

Making Overdrafts Available

not one particular purchase, but I keep buying old cameras and lenses on eBay, MAKE IT STOP :joy:

(Mark Edmonds) #5

A comic that cost me £400…but got it signed and now worth 1500!

A top spec MacBook Pro 2017 15” when I only got a 2015 model 7 months before hand…
iPhone X…
Also quite a lot on rare beers :beers:

I buy a lot I “don’t” really need…

(James Amey) #6

I purchased around £1150 worth of upgrades for my computer this year… Worth it.

(Simon) #7

I just gave £1200 to my dentist and all I got was a bunch of pain!!!

(Mark Edmonds) #8

Gave mine close to 5! And still only pain! Great how we pay dentists to hurt us!

(Louis Otto) #9

The other day when filling up the car, I thought f*** it - and bought a Snickers.

(Bob) #10

Just bought a pair of Sony MDR-100X Bluetooth headphones for £184 including an 8% discount voucher from Reward Gateway…

Wanted them for the LG OLED55B7V 55 Inch Smart OLED 4K Ultra HD TV I bought last week for £1248 using FLASH10 discount code and 7.5% RG discount vouchers…

#loveblackfriday :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #11

Hue Bulbs… lots of Hue Bulbs lol

(Herp Derp) #12

I wanna buy a 4K tv but the that means I have to upgrade my AV unit, was looking at this as an upgrade but seems unavailable

(Bob) #13

Try here: http://petertyson.co.uk/index.php/yamaha-rx-v781.html £20 cheaper than Amazon’s £469 price.

I had a lovely Onkyo 5.1 AV receiver before we remodelled the living room years ago but was not allowed to use it “because of the noise”. The Bluetooth headphones are a Christmas present to keep us both happy. SWMBO has the hearing of a bat, whereas mine is of a chicken nugget :joy:

(Sacha) #14
  • New 27" imac (complete overkill but given that I only use it for web surfing and MS Office it should be good for many years). Though saved 10% on the price using my uni work email address :grin:
  • Lots of craft beers
  • Tickets to the World Darts Championship

Was thinking about replacing my year old iPhone 7 but thing I’ll hold off and bung £30-40/month into a phone pot on my Monzo to put this off until next Xmas.

(Frank) #15

Replaced our 37inch lcd with a 55inch 4K HDR LED tv that we really didn’t need (spec or size) and a 4K Apple TV to go with it.

Still not sure how I justified it to the missus. :sushing_face:

(Tony Hoyle) #16

Still looking at that 55 inch OLED that’s been on offer in a few places. I’m not at all sure I can justify it…

(Shaun Coley) #17

As an ex-American living in Britain, I can assure you money spent for a dentist is neither extravagant nor wasted.