Share your money-saving tips!

Here’s an idea! Share a money-saving tip that you think other people might not know about.

You don’t need to post one every day, but it’d be great if people could follow this thread and just get a solid stream of great tips!

I’ll go first:

If, like me, you’re in the awkward age bracket of 26-30 then you’re eligible for a railcard! Signups for it are currently closed, but you should keep an eye open for when it starts up again. Like the Young Person’s Railcard, it’ll get you 1/3 off your rail travel. Handy! :steam_locomotive:

What are your tips?


There is also (on Greater Anglia) a railcard for those in their 50s who are not quite old enough for a pensioners pass :wink: and it gives 10% off at stations or 20% online

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I hate the fact that there are age limits on railcards, especially as you have to pay for them. Why can’t anyone pay to get a third off if they use off-peak rail regularly? Or even “earn” one for free if they buy a certain number of tickets a year? I think Monzo should buy the railways…


Think everyone knows this but never ever let your sky broadband auto renew

Sign in at the end of your contract and click on button that you’re leaving because it’s cheaper elsewhere and you’ll retain your current offer price

Works for most people with TV by saying it’s too expensive but not always

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If you don’t need things delivered quickly, you can leave them in your basket overnight (maybe a day or two) - The company will usually send you an offer code to make sure they get the sale.


If you have overripe bananas you can chop them and freeze them. Then you can use them in muffins or pancakes :pancakes:

(Sorry, I was channeling my inner Good Housekeeping)


Always pee over the lee side of the boat (saves your dry cleaning bills :wink: )


Same for NowTV - tell it you’re leaving and suddenly they can offer you a massively reduced price. Also if you do leave, within a few months they’ll be offering you a free month and several months reduced price again. Handy if they’ve got movies or a new series you want to stream which aren’t elsewhere.


If you have a partner (or a close friend you trust), look at combining to save a few quid each month.

Me and my partner share a Spotify Family Plan (saving £5 a month) & Netflix (saving an extra subscription). We both have phone contracts with the same provider and the same expiration date so Three have always given us a good deal when upgrading/transferring both at the same time (best to do in-store). Two-together railcards (as cookywook mentioned) also save 33% off the price of trains when travelling together (which we are most of the time).

Bonus tip: if you’re buying consumable household stuff regularly (think laundry tabs, softener, toilet roll, toothpaste, carpet cleaner - essential when you have cats! - dishwasher tablets etc, etc) look at whether it might work out cheaper to buy in bulk from Amazon. We’re never going to NOT buy those things so it makes sense to buy in slightly larger quantities and store it to save a few pounds in the long run.


Just on this; If you get these sort of things from Amazon consider using Subscribe and Save option for 5 subscriptions you get 15% off and for all baby stuff it’s 20% off.


I don’t have a tip of my own. But instead just an extension to two already mentioned.

Railcars - if you about the turn 25 (like me) it’s totally allowed to buy a three year 16-25 railcars. Thus in reality making it a 16-28 Railcard.

Spotify - Spotify family can actually be shared between 6 ‘family members’ granted you all live under the same roof. I recommend just all changing your addresses to one common address. Using this method I pay just £2.50 a month.


If you do go for Subscribe and Save, make sure you watch your email notifications like a hawk. You might not use an item at as fast a rate as you predict, or prices might increase too much that an item is no longer a good deal.

I’ll admit I’ve been burnt myself, in that last year I didn’t quite take the summer/winter usage differential into account and ended up acculmulating a year’s supply of moisturiser before I managed to amend the order :man_facepalming:

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If you have a child and are still within your return policy window send it back ASAP. They cost a fortune!


Furthermore if you actually leave they’ll offer an even cheaper offer about 2 days before the switch date.

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My brother tried that and waited for the call. They didn’t and it was stopped

Oh mine was via email. I got offered £5 off (£25 a month) when I originally cancelled. And then got offered unlimited fibre with £15 off (£15 a month) two days before the switch. I decided against and went for Virgin anyway.

Audible also offers a great deal if you threaten to cancel.

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With TV they called constantly when I left, now have TV for £5/month 30day rolling contract

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With Amazon prime, cancel annually when it’s cheap (take the refund) and subscribe to the cheaper year plan.

Also, if your prime stuff is late, tell Amazon. They usually give you a free month prime :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ditch sky TV. Freesat /freeview has more than enough tv for anyone.


Before your committing to a montly subscriptions for music streaming, try out the various ones on offer.

Don’t go straight to Apple. Google offer few trials. There is a Amazon Music which is included in your Prime Service.

Also check out the offer for Prime Students.

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