What do you pay for that you don't like?

Prompted by these: What should you never cheap out on?, and What do you pay for that's worth the price?

What things do you pay for that you don’t really like to pay for?

I’ll start with one item mentioned in the two other threads… Flights. I love travel but the more environmentally conscious I’ve become, the worse it makes me feel.


TV License. A private company using the government to force a bill on the people doesn’t sit right with me.


Don’t pay it then, I don’t.


This is becoming quite the theme, isn’t it?

I’ll agree with you. I hate flying. The actual flight is usually bearable, and I’ll only fly short haul. But I detest airports with a vengeance.

All those people, all those shops, all that waiting around, all that being herded hither and thither, all that queueing, all that security… and to top it all, being forced to queue for the opportunity to be told by a machine whether or not I’m a suitable person to be allowed into the country I was born in and have always lived in!

I think I need a lie down now :joy:

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Childcare, not knocking the nursery, but more a cultural issue in the country that makes it so expensive, as ever I look at Scandinavia and wish we were like them.

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You could opt to pay more then you won’t have to deal with those things. You can also carbon offsets most flights it’s not very expensive.


Carbon offsets have, unfortunately, been proven to be little more than a way to appease guilt, they aren’t massively effective, and they don’t offset much other than your bank account :wink: (better than nothing I know but not the guilty free travel I’d hoped for when they were first talked about 10 years ago)

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If I wasn’t such a prole, I probably could. I’d resent that, as well, though. :joy:

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The NHS.

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The train fare to get into work.




Car parking. Oh and ATMs that charge.


You don’t like paying for the NHS? Can I ask why?




And so it begins…



Don’t know about them, but for me it’s probably the fact that my pet can get better, faster care than I can.

Im on the dressed referral wait list. I’m expecting not to be seen for probably 6 months.

Even the ‘urgent’ referral was two weeks, it’s absolutely ridiculous. What’s the point in paying for it. It be better off going private.

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Possibly, but it is an option. We need trees, you can pay for more to be planted. You don’t necessarily have to add on the carbon offset option, you could pay to have something else done separately, but the option is there.

The alternative is to stop flying.


I pay enough in tax, around £20k a year in tax and NI combined, with no access to any benefits if anything were to happen, on top of being forced to cough up another £400 a year to the NHS (as an upfront payment for 5 years), despite having full private health insurance coverage that ensures I’d never use (or want to use) the NHS.

It’s not all about you though. The whole point is people who can afford to, paying into the system to allow those who can’t afford to have access to healthcare.


Whilst you might not use it yourself, do you not feel that paying into the NHS for those that can’t afford private treatment (lets take children as an example) is worthwhile as part of a civilised society?