What’s now next for Monzo?

So we now have Bills Pot, but what is next for Making Monzo? What else can we look forward too, in the next few weeks, months?

I know as a Monzo Plus customer I am disappointed with that but happy with the overall Monzo bank. So very interested to see what is in the pipeline that we may not know about.

Unsure what I would like to see next to be fair?

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I don’t think Monzo will be leaping into yet more new functionality. They need to get a bunch of stuff finished off / moved out of Labs first. If they didn’t they’d get people complaining about things being unfinished.

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Oh I totally agree with you on this @tbutz but definitely worth thinking about as the weeks and months go by

Here’s hoping for Credit Card!


Am sure that’s in the pipeline given the recent loan function now but yeah sounds good for those that may want one, for me not something I want

I’d like to see open banking implemented. As it is, my partner can see her Barclaycard balance through Monzo but I cannot. I’d like to be able to link my AMEX, Barclaycard, MBNA, first direct current account all under one roof.

I’m not sure what the state of Monzo open banking is at the mo but, that’s what I’d like to see.


Open Banking ready for Monzo.

Not ready for Amex.

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I really hope this comes in the next few months, it would be so much more rewarding than using say for example overdraft facilities :slight_smile: and with competion we might see some cheeky low interest offers


I’d like to see Monzo take some time to tie up some loose ends. Specifically bringing parity between iOS and Android in all the little ways it’s missing. And finishing the payee management feature so we can merge existing payees and edit the description of linked accounts.


Don’t forget parity between the Joint Account and a ‘solo’ Account!


:point_up: This x 100

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Open Banking is something being heavily worked on at the moment as there’s a deadline to meet. As you can imagine, we have a lot of people working on this, on SCA, on the new navigation. In terms of new features, I’m not too sure right now - I think we’ll likely spend the rest of this year on the above and strengthening our core product.


It’s a boring one because I love to see new features, but at this point above anything else I’d like to see significant improvements to customer support. Specifically two aspects: 1. Speed, 2. Better support experience for the more complex queries.

I’d actually really like a proper telephone/voice support option, but not sure that will happen any time soon.

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It’s become clear in the last couple days how much work has been going on ‘in the background’ and is now coming to fruition. It’s so wonderful to see, both because of the excitement of new features, but also the massively increased staff participation on the forum gives real momentum.

With all that’s been done, spending the rest of the year strengthening what’s there sounds great to me! Consolidation is very important to have a strong base to build on in the future :+1:


Are we likely to see Amex integration anytime soon?

How does some one see a different bank account balance on monzo?

That’s Amex’s problem.

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Such a good point.

Support really needs to be strengthened. It’s this foundation that is going to cause a problem further on down the line if no improvements are made.

My wish as an investor is to just polish up what they have and make it equivalent to other banks. There are some features I don’t use but totally recognise must be finished to open the doors to attract the other remaining population groups. Better international payment, better cash and cheque management etc.

I’d really be happy for Monzo to spend a year just refining what they have and be in a position to scale in a steady and manageable manner.


You can’t at the moment but you can do this with lots of account aggregators (e.g. see Emma, Yolt, Money Dashboard, etc) and have been able to for years, albeit via a different connection method than Open Banking APIs which is a recent development. @Luke1 would like to see account aggregation added to Monzo.

Is there not a deadline I’d I remember rightly?