Chat Vanished


I was sent a PDF i needed to read about a complaint, but i am no unable to find the chat function on my app.
Not sure if im being blind, or it has actually gone somewhere.

Please can you help - i have a tight timeline.

Thank you,

Go to help in the bottom right corner, search “contact us”

Details next to my photo.


Welcome to the club - You’ll need to search for it.

Only a selected people have a easy way to access it ( not sure on the conditions on how they decide has the chat button without searching and who it says read the help page first )

I would love to know, but I know we never will. It has been what - 18 months now? They can’t get away with saying it is an A/B test any longer. I wonder if it is as simple as high value/low value customers.

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I wonder which I am as I still have the chat button at the bottom of my help / search screen :slight_smile:

They’ve specifically said it wasn’t A/B testing, which makes it just a mess.


Same, contacting support should be seemless and not hassle.
Imagine if someone was elderly or even clueless with how to find it they’ll just assume theirs no support.

If anything it could be a cut back if that makes sense? The reason I say this is that if you hide the chat then less people will contact support meaning they don’t have to hire as many people. (I’m overthinking here but it would make sense)

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That is exactly why they did it. Whether a financial cut back, or people wasting support agents time (ignoring self help articles), or a bit of both. Support should be seamless and timely for all customers.