What’s being done about social network accusations?

I see a lot of accusations on twitter regarding Monzo doing very questionable things. I came across this thread today:

I think in general people fly off the handle pretty quick, and jump to radical conclusions without really thinking about what they are saying - I’m curious about what the truth is here. If there is any truth to these accusations I would be very concerned.

Stupid people never admit they are at fault.


I think you only need to read the comments on the tweet to realise this is some sort of arranged attack on Monzo. Not a single person asking for details of the alleged fraud. Instead someone was so disgusted they were “snapping” their Monzo card and another was cancelling because Monzo were “enabling a fraudster”.

I’m always a bit suspicious when I read things like this without knowing the circumstances. There have been examples on this community where someone alleges to be a victim of fraud - someone hacked my email, they hacked my phone, they transferred several thousand pounds but at no point did I get an email or a notification through the app all this was happening… Funny that I can’t even fart without Monzo sending me a notification.

And then it transpires they “lent a friend” their card and PIN but of course it is Monzo’s fault.


Especially when people comment “I’m snapping up my card right now this is disgusting Monzo” :joy::joy: Sure the outcome isn’t what the person wanted but they were the ones that sent money to a fraudster?

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Im glad to see at least Monzo are replying to these allegations …they used to let people say whatever they wanted without comeback …

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Where are Monzo replying to these allegations?

I can’t imagine there is any truth to this at all, but this one would be concerning:

the “chat” that was with your post ?

I wouldn’t consider that ‘replying to these allegations’. That’s a customer support rep on the in app chat.

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To be honest Monzo shouldn’t really respond to them on Twitter beyond a basic response, and they’re limited by how much they can say anyway.

Instead of tweeting the customer should follow the complaint procedure, and ultimately contact the Ombudsman. Where Monzo’s decision may not or most likely will be upheld.

Here are some of the results of the FOS decisions: https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/data-insight/ombudsman-decisions/SearchDecisions?Keyword=&BusinessID=Monzo+Bank+Ltd&BusinessID=768&DateFrom=&DateTo=&Url=&Comment=&SecurityID=21c868c858597804b5f8228ab7ec76d31af3fb34&Captcha=&Captcha_Timestamp=1587288775

13 followers and she got how many replies? I need to start tagging Monzo in my tweets, clearly.


Yep you’re right …sorry

Yeah - this is what I don’t understand… I know this is far fetched but I previously thought it could be this crazy conspiracy theory where Revolut are setting up loads of social accounts to attack the reputation of other challenger banks. Very far fetched, but when I see things like twitter accounts only recently created, with 13 followers and getting decent engagement - with half the responders also only recently being created and having a few followers - it makes me laugh about it.


There’s a group on facebook too - Where people have violated Monzo TOS or done shady transactions, then complain saying Monzo shut their account


On mobile this link just directs me to a the Financial Ombudsman website. But I did google some decisions regarding Monzo - and I’m gobsmacked at the audacity of some people! Good lord there are some extremely entitled consumers out there who make the most asinine complaints! It’s outrageous. It makes me worried about ever starting my own business - because I know there are people out there who will start a witch-hunt over some completely ridiculous things that could be entirely out of my control.

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Public Twitter is such a cesspit. Why bother looking at what other people think about any company you use, when you have to trawl through so much unverifiable mud-slinging.


It could be, but even if it is, it’s clear they are complaining about fraud in the weirdest way possible.

1. They’ve been a victim of fraud because they transferred money to someone who has a Monzo account.
2. They’ve complained to Monzo and not their own bank.
3. Of course Monzo aren’t able to refund them, the complainant isn’t their customer.

I have never, ever heard of any bank refunding someone who isn’t their customer in such circumstance.

Slight misreading of original. Still a weird focus of complaint, though. The fact that the alleged fraudster uses Monzo is irrelevant, and bank transfers are always done at own risk.

So either the original twitter is an idiot who doesn’t know how banks work, or they’re a bad actor who is deliberately manipulating the situation to make Monzo look bad through no fault of their own.

I think they are also a Monzo customer based on the last line of the tweet and the fact it looks like in app chat

Ah, true. I must’ve got a bit distracted by the line about the fraudster using Monzo, as that seemed a weird thing to focus on.

I’ve done a bit more research and I’m leaning towards bad actor, though - a good number of their followers appear to be clear bot accounts.

Yeah the wording of that tweet was very weird. I assumed the same as you to begin with

Paying by faster payments is risky which is why they have the disclaimer when paying someone new. “I have been the victim of fraud” is always going to be emotive if no context is given

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