What’s being done about social network accusations?

Also no detail around what actually happened. She bank transferred someone for something (I assume) then didn’t get whatever the something was.


The bank transfer is the only important detail, and that isn’t an assumption as the screenshot makes a clear mention of Faster Payments (which is a bank transfer).

I’ve had years of banks - and other services, Paypal, eBay, AirBNB etc - warning against using bank transfers because they’re the same as handing over cash and have near zero chance of recovery.

Whichever way you cut it, Monzo haven’t acted incorrectly in any way.



Why is there a near zero chance? I could be way off here, but you hear of people accidentally receiving funds from wills, prizes, house sales etc. Funds that were intended for someone else but someone put a digit in wrong. And the funds get recovered…

Blimey… how do they know? :flushed:

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I don’t think there’s any right to getting the funds back. Don’t you need the co-operation of the people in the receiving end of the transaction?

If they withdrew the money and spent it all, it would take a court axe to recover anything I think.

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I don’t know :man_shrugging:t4: But I’ve read they can and do get funds recovered.

I don’t know why funds can’t be recovered, banks need proof of ID to open an account. So if you had evidence that it was fraud, why can’t the recipients bank return the money, or if they refuse or they’ve withdrawn it, give you / your solicitor their information to take them to court? Then place that individual on a list, similar to insurance companies do, that flags to other banks that this geezer is a dodgy one and to expect fraud.

It would certainly be a deterrent.

There’s an IFTTT API for it.


Yes, that is near zero. Not actually zero.

It also generally requires co-operation from all four parties involved:

  1. The sender
  2. The sender’s bank
  3. The receiver
  4. The receiver’s bank

Also, in many cases when money has been recovered, it would be from the sender complaining to their bank, who then works to retrieves the money from the receiver’s account at the receiving bank.

Many other cases where money has been recovered have been by going through a court process.

It’s never straightforward.


Ah yes, the famous 96155454 family


The assumption part was around why she bank transferred

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Joined March 2017

Only one follower that seems to be the same person and that retweets another account that also seems to be the same person

No tweets until a day or two ago and now a full wall on the topic

Weird fixation on using the handle of Jason who long since decamped to 11:FS

Bonus mention of not being able to feed children

Odd, but common, stuff in this arena


Incredibly weird. It would be interesting to compile twitter accounts who seem to hate Monzo, and see what similarities they have. It’s so weird seeing barely used accounts, or brand new accounts obsess on stuff like this


Yeah, Jason left Monzo to pursue other interests over 4 years ago.

This fraudster is clearly incompetent. How hard is it to move money from one account to another without getting banned? What a muppet… :grin:


That does seem to be a specific fraudster trick. They love to focus on specific names and spread the gospel all over the internet wherever they can about how this particular person is the devil and personally killed their children.


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