What Pots do you have? 🍯

Where did you get those images from? They’re amazing!

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Is that your actual credit card? If it is then you’ll need to block out the number

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It’s a stock image off their website

(i’m not that stupid)

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Some people have shared details by accident before, I think @Rat_au_van was just making sure, not suggesting you are stupid, nor anyone else.


Just had to unhide mine to get a screenshot, my rabbits currently have more savings then me :joy: pots are pretty much self explanatory. Just set up a new one today after seeing this post for my Moneybox Direct Debit, its impossible to set this correctly as a recurring transaction in my bills pot due to the way they collect the payment, so my bills pot was telling me I have more left than I actually do.

Moneybox take 3 payments out every week on the same day using the same Direct Debit instruction, £40, £5, £5 this goes to 3 different accounts with them, Monzo remembers the last £5 as the recurring payment so now its in its own pot out the way.

I only have a couple - for the people who have so many pots, how do you manage it all?! Maybe I just don’t have enough money to spread out!

**Fixed Bills Pot ** - All my bills come out of here. Can’t wait for subscriptions to be able to come out from here too! I love this pot.

Netflix/Spotify - I made an IFTTT creation to move money from this pot to my main when Spotify/Netflix gets paid. This also includes Amazon Prime & Audible (but I don’t pay for that every month).

**Sweep Up ** - This is the pot where all the money left at the end of the month goes. I’ll then send it over to my LISA.

**Mrs Polly Cooper ** - This is my car loan repayment pot.

I don’t keep my savings in Monzo, there’s just much better interest rates elsewhere.

So I just realised I have 20 pots :man_facepalming:t2:

I have several “Bills” pots so it’s easier to calculate what I need to set aside each month (as some amounts may very from pay day to pay day).

I generally have scheduled payments to move money over each payday so it’s not too much admin!


Those images are ace. Where did you find them?

Search custom images for pots and you may find the link in that thread, from memory

Here you go; https://drive.google.com/open?id=14vQkt12x221aZ-opcGafJVUXf9xorVgS

Made by @nicdall


I’m not sure those are the same images

I love that you use the different colours to separate them! This reminds me that I need to make some new colours :slight_smile:


I’m just using one at the minute, my savings pot.

Although my partner and I have just started considering a move, so a ‘New Home’ pot may be imminent. :house_with_garden::tada:

These are great @nicdall. Maybe this is shared somewhere else but it certainly deserves recognition.


Thanks Stephen, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s happening. The pot is made. :grin:


I have four
1p Saving Challenge
A pot I’m using to save money for when the challenge becomes more challenging
A Dollshouse decorating pot. Gonna have it done professionally
Holiday pot for 2022

I love seeing the money slowly accumulate.

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I have 14pots, one for each monthly/yearly bill + all savings or projects pots.
I can rest better and make better plans knowing which is my budget after all payments.

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